Cool tips and tricks for iPad Users

1 Using iPadThis past year, iPad users on campus have become numerous and many have come over to the Bookstore to gain more knowledge of shortcuts or good apps to use.  I have found these useful hints and tips to help cut down on time while using the iPad or the iPad Mini.  You can find more useful hints and tips in the future on our Apple Desk Blog.

Advance to new songs or pause or volume control by clicking home button twice and sliding finger from left to right at bottom of screen.

Even change brightness of screen with an iPad Mini by the same procedure as above since brightness level is to the left of music control in this screen.

On the new Retina Display iPad, this is where the Screen Orientation Lock is, next to the music controls instead of the brightness control.

Connect to HDTV either using a Digital AV adapter from iPad to HDMI cable to TV or using the Apple TV.

AirplayUse Airplay whenever you see this icon appear on your iPad and you can watch whatever is on your iPad right on your HDTV. The icon, shown below, looks like a triangle in front of a rectangle. Use this with Apple TV.

Instead of flipping through pages of apps on your iPad, use Spotlight to search for the App you want to use. Spotlight is over the keyboard that appears on page at farthest left, but slide finger from left to right to find it.

Pages is still the best writing tool App which lets you save or send the document as a Word Document or a PDF as well as a Pages document. Very convenient.

Do your fingers get tired when typing? Try Dictation Keyboard which is the coolest by far of the iPad Mini features. Simply tap on the key with the microphone image on it.  Then say whatever you want typed.  To view what you want written, tap on the microphone again and the typing will magically appear.

Some people hate hearing the typing “click” while using the iPad; it may be distracting.  You can change this feature if it bothers you.  Go to Settings, then Sound where you can change Keyboard Click to on or off.

AirprintOne of the apps that is most useful to anyone who uses their iPad for work is the AirPrint App.  First you have to make sure that your printer is wireless, then make sure it supports AirPrint by doing a web search of the make of printer you have and looking up the model you own.  Then reading up your printer model  specifications.  Sometimes just going to the make of printer and looking for the support page and typing in AirPrint support works.  Hewlett Packard allows you to type in a question on their support page underneath the make and model of printer.  The link below is a list of AirPrint compatible printers.

AirPrint Compatible Printers

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