September 23, 2015

Welcome to the website for the collaborative workshop, “Environment and Society in the Middle East”.  This workshop has been organized by the Middle East Studies Program at Middlebury College and is co-sponsored by the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, the Environmental Studies Program, and the Arabic Program at Middlebury College.

When and where: Saturday, Oct. 17, 7:30 am-2 pm, Robert A. Jones ’59 House, Conference Room (breakfast and light snacks will be provided).

This workshop will provide four scholars with an opportunity to share, discuss, and edit each other’s work in a collegial setting.  The workshop has been developed in coordination with the course ENVS/ARBC0245: Human Environment – The Middle East, taught by Visiting Instructor in Arabic at Middlebury College, Robert Greeley.

The four invited participants –  Robert Greeley (Middlebury College); Hande Ozkan (Assistant Professor, Transylvania University); Chris Gratien (postdoctoral associate at Yale University’s MacMillan Center Program in Agrarian Studies); Graham Pitts (PhD candidate, Georgetown University) – are active researchers on human-environmental relations in the Middle East. The participants will make a draft version of their current social-environmental research available to one another and to the Middlebury students enrolled in ENVS/ARBC0245.

On the day of the workshop, each paper will be discussed for an hour and fifteen minutes. The author will have the first five minutes to introduce her/his work, which will be followed by twenty-five minutes in which the author is asked to listen to discussion about the piece. The author will then asked to rejoin the conversation. This workshop will include the involvement of undergraduate, Middlebury students.  Middlebury student attendees are encouraged to read the papers and Middlebury students registered in ENVS/ARBC0245 will be required to join in on the discussion of submitted papers.

The Middle East Studies Program at Middlebury College, in conjunction with the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs and the Environmental Studies Program, wish to provide Middlebury undergraduate students with an opportunity to enter into the growing field of human-environmental relations in the Middle East and to enable them to witness and participate in a core academic activity: the crafting and editing of scholarly research.

Middlebury students who wish to participate in the workshop should contact Robert Greeley (rgreeley@middlebury.edu) prior to Oct. 17. Seats are limited. Before attending, please read the two documents prepared by Catharine Wright (Director of the Writing Program at Middlebury College) under the Workshop Guidelines and Schedule tab above. Abstracts for each paper and bios of the participants can be found on this website. Other questions may be directed to Sam Liebhaber, Director of Middle East Studies (slieb@middlebury.edu).