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For our project we wanted to display how involved some gamers are in their chosen virtual world and how they almost become their avatar. We focused on Hunter, the gamer, as well as the video game footage, to show the connected between gamer and avatar. Some people love video games because they can “become” their avatar, and are able to do things within the game world that they can’t do in real life. In our video we can see Hunter’s intent on killing people and stealing cars, his eyes glued to the television, his hands acting as the limbs of his avatar. Doing these actions in the game world holds no consequences, and some people become entirely engrossed in having this kind of “second life” in a virtual reality of a video game. Gamers can get away in the world of video games.

We also wanted to display a second statement about the art of machinima. We made deliberate choices about which shots to create while playing the game, controlling all camera angles and then editing the pieces together to our liking in the final product.

we’ll watch the original file for high quality in class!

by hannah, hunter & molly

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