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Banner and associated systems will be down for maintenance Sept 27-Sept 28

All Banner environments and associated system will be unavailable between the hours of 8pm ET Saturday September 27th and 12pm (noon) ET Sunday September 28th while these systems are undergoing maintenance.

Systems Impacted: All Banner environment including Internet Native Banner (INB) and Banner Web/Self-Service (SSB) plus all associated systems such as Hyperion EPM 11 Reporting, Nolij Document Management System, etc.

Schedule: 8pm ET Saturday September 27th through 12pm (noon) ET Sunday September 28th 2014

What is happening during this time?: Ellucian, the manufacturer of the Banner software and company currently hosting our Banner environments, will be relocating all of our hosted systems and associated infrastructure to a new data center.

We apologize for any impact this extended maintenance window has on your operations and activities.

Interested in learning more about Banner? Join the Ellucian Commons.

Are you interested in learning more about Banner?  Have questions about best practices?  Want to connect with colleagues at other Banner schools to learn how they have addressed challenging problems?  Consider joining the Ellucian Commons.

Some of you may remember the older Sun Guard Higher Education ListServ that used to allow Banner schools and users to communicate, collaborate, and stay connected.  Although some of those older ListServ threads still exist they have largely been replaced and augmented by the new Ellucian Commons system.

From the Ellucian Commons website – “…The Commons is an online community where Ellucian customers, partners, and employees can share experiences, ask questions, find answers, and connect to a collaborative and informed network.  Articles, news, blogs, best practices, reference materials, document libraries, discussion threads, and more provide the community with tools to share, learn, explore, and create.”

See more at:

Ellucian hosted services interruption – Banner INB, Hyperion Reporting (Updated)

Updated @ 6:24 PM ET 23AUG2014 – All interruptions to services have been resolved.  You should now be able to access Banner INB, Banner Web/SSB, Hyperion, etc.  We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may have caused.  Please report any additional problems to the Help Desk.

Original Message –

We are currently experiencing an interruption of service when connecting to systems and applications hosted in the Ellucian data centers.

Banner Web/SSB services are UP and operational however users cannot connect to Internet Native Banner (aka Banner INB), the Hyperion EPM reporting environments and other associated systems and applications.

We are working with our vendors to restore services as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Join me in welcoming Laura Krahn to LIS

I would like you to join me in welcoming a new staff member to LIS.  Laura Krahn began working in LIS on January 20th as one of the new Managers of Administrative Systems and Web Development within Enterprise Applications.

Laura brings to LIS 15+ years of experience as an Information Technology professional where she has focused on enterprise applications, commercial product development, and custom software.   Prior to her new position at Middlebury College Laura worked with Competitive Computing (aka C2) in Colchester, Vermont where she held the position as Enterprise Project Manager.   We are excited to have Laura’s extensive experience as an IT Project Manager, Web Applications Developer, and Senior Systems Administrator added to the assets of our team.

As part of welcoming Laura to LIS I would also like to announce a recent organizational change we have made in Enterprise Applications.  As you know the Web Development team had been reporting on an interim basis to Chris Norris for the past year.  As of February 1st the Web Development Team has been transitioned back into the Enterprise Applications area.

In the new organizational structure both the Administrative Systems Team and Web Development Team will be reporting to a joint management team comprised of Laura Krahn and Charlotte Pratt.  Charlotte has been a Senior Programmer Analyst with LIS since April 2013.   As of early this year, Charlotte was promoted to the position of Manager of Administrative Systems and Web Applications.

Together Laura and Charlotte will form a joint management team responsible for all aspects of Administrative Systems and Web Development.    Laura will focus on project management and customer relationship management while working with our client base both outside and inside LIS.  Charlotte’s focus will be directed at improving our technical infrastructure and applications frameworks while working closely with the developers in Enterprise Applications to improve our development processes and systems across the enterprise.

Please join me in welcoming both Laura and Charlotte to their new positions within LIS.


January 20th Banner LEADS Meeting Agenda and Notes

January 20th LEADS Meeting Agenda

1)      Laura Krahn and Charlotte Pratt – Roles and responsibilities
2)      Preferred Names project discussion with Jennifer Herrera
3)      Banner  Upgrades April – May 2014
4)      Java 7u45 – will be deployed via INB starting January 26th
5)      Upcoming Hyperion Patches – require new Hyperion plugin
6)      Hyperion reports being redirected from Production Banner to our Banner Reporting Database
7)      Digital Campus Academy
8)      Purging and archiving webinar
9)      Nolij projects

January 20th LEADS Meeting Notes

1)      Laura Krahn and Charlotte Pratt – Roles and responsibilities

  • New managers discussion – distinction of roles and responsibilities.   Laura Krahn and Charlotte Pratt will serve as co-managers of the Administrative Systems and Web Development Teams.
  • Laura will tasked primarily with project management and customer relations (mostly outside LIS).  Charlotte will work primarily with developers and infrastructure.
  • Discussed need to unify project requests processes for web applications, Banner, Hyperion, Nolij, etc.

2)      Preferred Names project discussion with Jennifer Herrera – Send suggestions and concerns about this project to David Ludwig by February 12th.

Scope of Project

  • Create a self-service process for all students, faculty, staff to select their preferred first name and preferred pronoun.
  • First-name only.  Distinguish between preferred first names, nicknames, legal names.
  • Modify Banner, web, reports to show preferred name when appropriate, legal name otherwise (legal name on paychecks, tax documents, external communications, etc.)
  • Modify class rosters, advising lists to show preferred name and preferred pronoun.


  • Need for an extensive communication and training plan.
  • Identify and define all existing Banner Name Type Codes.
  • Kim Ehritt will compile a description of name types and send to the project team.
  • Kim recommends creating a new name type for preferred names.
  • ADIR code is currently used by HR to create a preferred name.

Public safety

  • What will display on ID?  Preferred name, but might need to be legal name if MiddCard becomes payment card.
  • No modifications to Diamond 2 (will be offline by fall).
  • May need modifications to INB forms to show preferred name/pronoun.


  • How frequently should we allow a preferred name change? How do we monitor for inappropriate names?
    • Poll other colleges/universities about their policies.
    • Jennifer Herrara will follow up.  We will present information at next meeting.
  • HR has an existing process to create/modify preferred names for staff/faculty
    • Preferred names created by process feed into Active Directory (AD).  Concern about how names would show up in AD if process was changed.
    • Project will open up preferred names to students as well.
    • Will try to work with existing processes but project is an institution-wide change.  There are no guarantees existing HR preferred name processes will be reused.
  • Graduate students
    • Undergrads will receive a notification about preferred name self-service forms through the student onboarding process (starting May 2015).
    • Will be available for grad students, but there is no formal onboarding process for grad programs at this time.
    • Montery, BLSE, LS, etc. will need to communicate this ability to students.
    • BLSE uses NICK name type.  LIS will help BLSE transfer nickname data to new name type if project creates one for preferred name.

3)      Banner Upgrades

  • Student/SFS/Advancement will sign-off on upgrades by May 7th.
  • Proposed production deployment on May 11th.
  • LIS will confirm date with our DBA.
  • Refresh Practice Database in February or March (no date set).

4)      Java 7 update 45

  • Ellucian will start pushing Java 7 update 45 starting this Sunday January 26th.
  • E-mail will be going out to all Banner INB and Nolij users.
  • See go/java for updated Java version information.
  • Talked briefly about terminal server as environment for Banner, Nolij, Hyperion use.  This concept is currently in testing.  We’ll expend the testing group in the near future.

5)      Upcoming Hyperion Patches – require new Hyperion plugin

  • David will send e-mail user with instructions on new plug-in install.

6)      Hyperion reports being redirect from the Banner Production Database to the Banner Reporting Database.   This discussion is on hold.  We will revisit in February.

7)      Digital Campus Academy

  • Reminder to all departments to consider requesting funds for a subscription to Ellucian’s Digital Campus Academy.  Last I checked a single seat license was $1500/annually.  This training covers all current baseline modules in production.