Sophos Project Timeline

Dear Middlebury Colleagues:

To offer some additional information on the Sophos roll-out the following timeline has been proposed and will be followed by the LIS deployment team for this

  • Email will be converted to the Sophos solution the weekend of January 22, 2012
  • Testing will be conducted on individual systems through the month of January
  • Sophos engineers will be on site to help with a larger test group across LIS and to build a deployment agent on January 25 and 26th
  • Server deployment and will be conducted on test servers and production servers through the month of January and February
  • A second desktop test group will be identified and targeted for the end of January and beginning of February
  • Based on the conclusion of two successful tests deployment will continue to the remainder of the campus in February

If you are interested in being a part of one of the test groups, please contact LIS Information Security at If you would Iike more information about Sophos please check the Infosec web site at go\itsecurity or contact LIS Information Security.


Ian Burke

LIS-IT Security Administrator

2 thoughts on “Sophos Project Timeline

  1. Carrie Macfarlane

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the announcement and the timeline. I have 2 questions.
    1) How much will most users notice the change? I ask because I wonder if liaisons should give departments a heads-up. If the change will occur mostly behind-the-scenes then maybe we shouldn’t. I’m just not sure of the effect of this change on the user.
    2) Who would you like to volunteer for test groups? Is staff within LIS enough, or are you looking for broader participation?


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