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(1,825 Days and Nights of Hike Up & Slide Down)

...until finally any Middkid get lucky to earn a finely crafted replica of Gamaliel Painter’s cane!"--A Middlebury Dream

Our Webspace Content…

Through this platform, I am hoping to share my #artwork, #creativity, and #innovative digital ideas with Middlebury Community.

For the last several years,I have learned a lot from #Middlebury as a Sacred Bubble.

It is time to share what I have learned in this sacred Middlebury.

@MiddleburyCollege...”Sharing Knowledge is CARING!”

 In here, we introduce our art and show out talents to let you get introduced to us.

“Since the beginnings…” that starts everything.


We will never know when was the start…  

Here we begin with our Khalil Gibran because once upon a time in New York city, he noted with his pencil on his Prophet note-book:

“[We] talk when [we] cease to be at peace with [our] thoughts.”

While being a student at Middlebury. I was fortunate for a lot of reason because this community chose me decisively to share the privilege of being at Middlebury. I was also lucky to work as a Digital Media Lab tutor at Wilson Media Lab which is located at Davis Family Library. As a tutor, I have been expected to keep excelling in multimedia skills.

Therefore, this webspace is primarily being built to project my intellectual and academic intuitions.


In here, we don’t need to introduce ourselves when the sun never set on the West and she never rose from the East. The earth simply revolved around its own orbit and she forgot that she can’t run away from the sun. 

In here, we are narrating our words. 

We are turning the word’s sound into voice.

We are echoing the voice into the music.

We use our multimedia skills and forgive us if we are not well versed in this big field.

We are sure that the green mountains of Vermont will echo to world the most important thing in life: We are from the same one common Human parents.

We are lucky to be living on a beautiful planet.

In our world, we are the only ones in the entire universe of infinity who can make decision with every heartbeat.

The sun has always revolved faster because in our world our life blankbook pages flipped into bright days and dark nights.

The Sun never shied away from the green mountains of Vermont.

And the moon never left us alone during a sky full of our starry nights.

“I” am excited that I waited for 7,665 Days and Night to get Painter’s Cane.

I lived in Painter briefly, and I walked on this sacred College for 7,6665 day-nights X 24 hours X 60minX 72 heartbeat. I walked one ft every heartbeat. To become a Middlebury Panther.

I have always dreamed to see the day that I earn to get the degree and the cane–a Middkid Dream to become MiddAlum.

Once I have the cane, I will go the Himalayas ranges  that stretched all the way to the heart of Afghanistan, the Unseen One: