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7 May 2009: Lecture 23, The End of International Political Economy.

5 May 2009: Lecture 22, Globalization.

Over the last week or so, I’ve come across several interesting articless, &c. There’s also a very interesting interview with Barry Eichengreen in the Berkeley series “Conversations with History.”

And a number of you have continued on the discussion board also posting things. I encourage you all to follow up those links as well. (Great posts, ladies & gents!)

So, this might provide interesting summer reading and listening.




And if you think I’m keen on Locke, see what Hamilton scholar Robert Wright named his son:


Have a great summer!

30 April 2009: Lecture 21, The IPE of the Global Environment.

23 April 2009: Lecture 20, Connections between Production & Capital.

21 April 2009: Lecture 19, Connecting Trade & Money.

16 April 2009: Lecture 18. The IPE of Migration.

14 April 2009: Lecture 17. This lecture wraps up our coverage of the international monetary system.

I’m sure a lot of you are curious how to insert the £–because, like me, you’re always using the £ as your standard currency example. Here’s how to do it:

Mac: Option + 3

Windows: ALT key then press 0 1 6 3

I’ve had mixed luck with the latter. (Typical M$ requires several extra keystrokes for no good reason!)

Here is a link to other useful shortcuts for the :


We’ll talk about the Washington Consensus tomorrow. Here are two related links:



If you have trouble with that second link, you can access the material through Eres.

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