Middlebury Faculty for an Inclusive Community

A Middlebury Coalition for Diversity and Equity

Middlebury Faculty for an Inclusive Community


This project represents the collective work of more than 50 Middlebury College faculty. Rather than generating a list of signatories, we offer some specific contacts for different areas of our work and representatives on relevant committees. Not all of members of our group want to identify themselves publicly, but here are many who feel comfortable doing so. Please reach out to any of us to join us or engage in conversation:

Community Organizers
David Miranda Hardy
Jamie McCallum
Michael Sheridan
Usama Soltan

Communications & Outreach
Jason Mittell

Education & Pedagogy
Tara Affolter
Timothy Billings
Gloria Gonzalez Zenteno
Fernando Rocha
Patricia Saldarriaga
Carly Thomsen
Catharine Wright

Institutional and Community History
Darién J. Davis
Kevin Moss

Student Justice
Laurie Essig
Linus Owens

Members of Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Shawna Shapiro

Members of Faculty Council
Mez Baker-Medard

Members of Resources Committee
Enrique Garcia

Guiding Light / Luz en el Camino
Juana Gamero De Coca