A diverse variety of research and curricular projects, past and ongoing, utilize HPC cluster resources.

  • “Negotiating Peacekeeping Consent: Information and Peace Outcomes,” Amy Yuen (Political Science)
  • “Survival of the Richest: How Political Campaigns Form Campaign Funding Coalitions,” Bert Johnson (Political Science)
  • “Identification of Novel Mediators of Pain in Drosophila metanogaster,” Amanda Crocker (Neuroscience)
  • “Media Portrayals of Muslims: A Comparative Sentiment Analysis of American Newspapers, 1996–2015,” Erik Bleich (Political Science)
  • “Trade and Agricultural Technology Adoption: Evidence from Africa,” Obie Porteous (Economics)
  • “Unemployment Composition and Aggregate Dynamics,” David Munro (Economics)
  • “Non-parametric Genotyping of Structural Variants in Whole Genome Sequencing Data,” Michael Linderman (Computer Science)
  • “Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Assembly and Analysis of Microbial Communities,” Erin Eggleston (Biology)
  • “Quantum Mechanical Properties of Matter,” Chris Herdman (Physics)
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