About Us

Who are we?

A group of enthusiastic, fun-loving students on campus who enjoy each other’s company at Friday night services and dinners, on various Jewish holidays, and at other fun Hillel-sponsored events.  Members are predominantly (but not exclusively) Jewish, and share a love for fresh-made Challah (stop by to see our unique flavor of the week!).

What are we?

An organization that aims to provide an outlet for those interested in Judaism and Jewish issues. Such outlets may include but are not limited to, the provision of religious services, the maintenance of a kosher kitchen, the sponsorship of educational events relating to Judaism, and the support of events whose purpose is to bring together Jewish students on campus in a social environment. In addition, Hillel strives to promote social justice and Israel opportunities and conversations. Hillel will endeavor to address the needs of Jewish students on campus.

When do events take place?

The most regular Hillel event is Friday night services.  The student-led services begin at 5:30 pm in the Jewish Center and are followed by a delicious student-cooked kosher meal around 6:30 pm. Other events such as additional services, seders, dinners, challah-making workshops, community service opportunities, apple-picking trips, alternative spring break, and Hillel-sponsored parties will be posted in advance on the blog.

Where do these events take place? 

The organization’s designated space, The Jewish Center, is located on campus in the Freeman International Center. It has its own kitchen and dining space, and all school-sponsored Hillel dinners are held here. Services held here are open to members of the town, as well.

Why do we exist?

To discuss and debate contemporary Jewish issues, to practice familiar and meaningful traditions, to give students an opportunity to explore their Jewish identity, and to enjoy the company of great people on campus!

How is Hillel run?

A board of students meets weekly to plan events. Associate Chaplain/Rabbi Danielle Stillman serves as the Hillel advisor.