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Research Interests:

Dust Reddened Quasars – these newly discovered, and thoroughly unexplored objects, appear to be a stage of quasar evolution linking merging ultraluminous infrared galaxies and luminous, blue quasars.

Stripe 82 X – I am analyzing ~30 deg2 of X-ray data over a region of the sky with unsurpassed photometric and spectroscopic data (SDSS Stripe 82) to study obscured supermassive black hole growth at high luminosities and high redshifts.

Quasars in the early Universe – I am interested in constraining the evolution of black hole growth at high redshifts and have measured the faint end of the quasar luminosity function at ~ 4. I am now extending this work to larger areas and higher redshifts to better constrain the contribution of quasars to ionizing the intergalactic medium.

Astrophysics in the time domain and quasar variability – As part of the Palomar-Quest synoptic sky survey, I have followed up, analyzed and announced via ATel event detections, e.g., supernovae, blazars. Now, working with the Catalina sky survey I am studying the variability properties of quasar sub-populations to probe the physics of accretion.