Step outline–Donnie Darko

Donnie-Darko-donnie-darko-1032758_1024_768Non-Diagetic Sound, Overview of a mountainside, camera pans in.

Slowly pans closer until you can see a dark figure lying on the ground.

Begin diagetic sounds of birds as the figure begins to get off the ground. There is a bike next to him as he sits up.

The camera circles around a young boy, showing from his point of view, him looking at the landscape.

The boy (Donnie Darko) gets up and looks again at the landscape.

A bright light flashes across the landscape of mountains. The title flashes across the screen.

Music begins as you see Donnie riding his bike through the woods, and down a road.

He rides past a Halloween sign, and then enters a suburb.

The road turns to pavement. You see cars, and a suburban family gardening and greeting each other jovially.

He rides up to a house and drops his bike.

Pan to a young woman jumping on a trampoline in a garden.

Her mother reads in a deck chair.

Music cuts out.

Donnie opens the refrigerator, and the whiteboard on the front reads “where is Donnie?”

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