Commencement video tutorial

This project was completed during the summer of 2016. The Events management office on campus had wanted help with a video tutorial for seniors, to help with commencement proceedings. Adobe Premiere and Illustrator were used to make the video. This project took about 8 weeks to complete. During the experience, I enjoyed being able to play around with a digital map of Middlebury on Illustrator and being able to make an animation on Premiere (which took a lot of effort and attention to detail).

If I did the project again, I would use a better animation program that reduces the time I took. And I would want to design my own map.

At the end of this project, I got more comfortable using Premiere animation tricks than I had been before. I also learnt the patience and attention to detail that an animation project requires.

Tutor: Ratang Sedimo ‘18.5

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