Día de los Muertos Celebration!

Thanks, mil gracias, to everyone who helped make this month-long celebration a reality! (Please see the many collaborators listed below!)

Enjoy these few photos of the Procession on Nov 2nd, taken by Patty Lewis, president of the Catholic Migrant Ministry at St. Ambrose in Bristol and St Peter’s in Vergennes. We’re working on editing video taken by Lauren Nikole Sayula and will share here soonest…

We’ll gather as an inclusive Middlebury community 

and honor ancestors and departed loved ones 

through art, song, dance, communion/togetherness, and creativity…



  • October ~ various locations on campus
  • November 2nd: Procession from the AFC and St. Mary’s Church, through Middlebury Campus, to the entrance of St. Mary’s Cemetery 
  • Spanish Language Catholic Mass for Día de los Muertos at St. Mary’s Church


  • In collaboration with students, faculty, staff and community members, including:

The Middlebury Performing Arts Council (MPAC)

Middlebury Departments of Theatre, Music, Film, Luso-Hispanic Studies, Art, and Architecture

Anderson Freeman Center

Center for Community Engagement (CCE)

Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (CTLR)

The Knoll

Student Activities, Events, Facilities & Public Safety

Grupo Folklórico de mis Raíces

Middlebury Choir


Peach Pit



Asian Students in Action (ASIA)

Women of Color (WOC)

CAT (Creating Art Together)

Gamut Room

Hearthunder Art Collective

Rodrigo Placencia, with Kai Fukuda and Jon Jon March

St. Mary’s Church

Catholic Migrant Ministry at St. Ambrose in Bristol and St Peter’s in Vergennes

Addison Allies

México en Vermont

and YOU!

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