Classes and Workshops

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Introductory Courses

Colonial Latin America: 1491-1800

HIST310: Film and History

The Modern Caribbean

The Hispanic Caribbean

Modern Brazil

The Atlantic World

Diasporas and Migration

Introduction to Afro-Latin American History

The Afro-Atlantic World

Seminars and Advanced Courses

Intellectuals and Transnationalism

Brazil and its Neighbors

Urbanization and Popular Culture in the Atlantic World

Human Rights in Latin America

Race and Class in Latin America and the Caribbean

African Diasporas

Transnational Black History, 1455-Present

Latinx Communities in the Americas and Europe



Reacting to the Past

Mentoring Minority and Underrepresented Students

Using Films As Historical Texts

African-Diasporic Connections Across the Atlantic

Why Haiti Important?

Migration Rights

Why Black Studies: From Dubois to LĂ©ila Gonzalez