Alternate Avatar

Even though Avatar is considered to be a visual masterpiece, there are a few characters and plot points that could be revisited to address various critiques. Below are a few possible Avatar remakes.

Questions to keep in mind:

  • How does this different scenario affect Avatar in ways that we haven’t discussed?
  • How will this scenario change the reactions to the movie?
  • Will this scenario change the ratings of the film?
  • Are there still problematic elements to this new scenario, and if so, what are they?
  • Does this scenario fix any problems that we have found with this movie? (i.e. white savior complex, inaccurate portrayal of natives, gender/ race problems)

Make the Protagonist Female 

  • Remove Jake Sully and change him with a colored, female scientist
    • Removes the white messiah complex
    • How does this change the dynamics of the group?
      • Not deemed as a threat like Jake was so the Omaticaya tribe will be less hostile towards her
      • She would still learn fighting techniques from Neytiri and in the process form a really strong friendship with her
      • The female is the human version of Neytiri because she becomes a warrior but is also very intellectual
    • How does she change the plot of the movie?
      • No romantic relationship? Maybe with Tsu’Tey?
      • Will have a strong fighting female duo (Neytiri and this woman)

Make the Protagonist Neytiri

What would happen if Neytiri was the savior of the Na’vi people and Jake Sully was simply a supporting character?

  • White savior
  • Gender
  • Indigenous peoples

No White Savior

  • Instead of just having Jake as the white savior, what if the entire Avatar sector “turn native” and help defeat the human invaders with the Na’vi leading
    • The relationship between the Na’vi and the scientists will be different
      • The scientists mostly help the Na’vi by giving them intel on the human army base
      • Will also help fight but they wouldn’t lead the tribes into battle like Jake does
    • No white savior
    • There would be no important romantic relationship
    • Plot line would be very different
      • Some tragic event would have to happen to the Na’vi early on in the movie to give the Avatar team (scientists who developed the avatars) a solid reason to “switch sides”
      • It would take time for the tribe to fully trust that large group of scientists
      • The Omaticaya people will be the battle strategists and will lead the Na’vi people into the fight

Na’vi People are Technologically Equal

Completely reimagined

  • Na’vi dominated because of invisible attack by humans and thus subjugated
  • Not depicted as indigenous
  • No connection with nature
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