Emma Shumway: The Effect of Moral Foundations Framing and Political Identity Priming on Environmental Attitudes in Conservatives 


Lauren Henry: Impact of Need Satisfaction on Collegiate Athletes Motivation, Performance, Commitment & Well-being


Abigail Karp: The Effect of Goal Setting and Reminders on Environmental Behavior


Danielle Baker: Nature Immersion and Breathing Exercise Effects on Directed Attention and Stress

Olivia Blahut: To Give or Not to Give? Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Contributions to the Public Good

Angela Santee: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Communication with Children in the Interview Setting: The Importance of Psychological Need Support


Sarah Harney: The Effects of Rapport and Autonomy support on Children’s Food Recall

Claire McIlvennie: Individually Helping the Environment Together: Relatedness, Social Norms, and the Attitude-Behavior Gap


Kevin Madore: Eliciting Children’s Food and Movement Recall: Can the Interviewer’s Questions Make a Difference?

Jonas Schoenefeld: The Beast in the Backyard: Impacts of Local Climate Change Information and Values on Pro-Environmental Behavior and Climate Policy Support


Kat Hartley: Friendly Persuasion: Considering How and When Social Norms Motivate Pro-Environmental Behavior

Caleigh Waldman: The Relationship Between Childhood Experiences and Adult Environmental Behavior

Yuki Yoshida: So, you want to save the earth?  Start with your interpersonal relationships


Caitlin Taylor: Adults’ Perceptions of a Child’s Recall: What Matters?


Heather Viani: The Effect of Question Phrasing and Associative Memory on Children’s Recall


Hannah Delong: A Comparison of Interview Protocols on Children’s Recall

Christopher King: Child Eyewitness Identification Accuracy from Simultaneous, Sequential, and Elimination Lineups


Katherine Hicks: Investigating the Role of Alcohol on Perceptions of Domestic Violence

Jessica Horner: The Moderating Effects of Age, Verbal Ability, and Interview Type on the Accuracy of Children’s Memory Retrieval

Amy Josephson: Need for Cognition and Issue Involvement as Moderators of Framing Effects in Social Workers’ Decisions about Child Welfare


Jenelle Slavin: The Effects of Skin Color and Accent on Hispanic Witnesses’ Credibility


Margaret Aleks: Effects of socioeconomic status on child placement assignments in a case involving domestic violence

Jess Salerno: The effect of cross-examination, deliberation and need for cognition of jurors’ ability to distinguish between good and bad scientific expert testimony


Kimberly Guion: When do We Remove a Child from an Abusive Home? The Effects of Outcome Framing on Decision-Making?


Celeste Gauthier: Assessing Rapport Building Techniques as a Way to Enhance Preschoolers’ Recall Memory

Meredith Livoti: Effects of Moral Culpability and Alcohol Expectancies on the Decisions of Guilt in a Domestic Violence Case

Courtney Quish: Using the Cognitive Interview as a Source Monitoring Interview for Child Eyewitnesses


Michelle Young: The Relation among Environmental Attitudes and Presentation of Outcome on Legal Decision Making


Julianne Krulewitz: Assessing how Jurors’ Environmental Attitudes are Related to Decision Making

Amy Simpson: The Effects of High Rape Myth Acceptance on Jury Decision Making