Hello world!

Welcome to Middlebury’s own music composition ideas forum.  A mouthful of a title, but it’s appropriately descriptive: here’s a place for sharing, problem solving, suggestions, questions, expressions, opinions, and synergy all pertaining to the process of composing music.

Stuff you can do on this site:

  • share listening lists with a fellow composer
  • see if anyone knows the answer to that *%^# Sibelius problem you’ve been having
  • make sure everybody knows about that great concert next weekend
  • ask notation and range questions
  • discuss performances, recordings, etc etc
  • talk about the process of composing and see if anybody’s got any helpful hints
  • post midi files of your work

Right now anybody see this site, only class members can edit it.  Composers: do you want a closed (i.e. just people in class, maybe other composers we know) forum?  Does it matter to you?

Composing is hard.  And fun.  And confusing.  This blog is trying to make it easier for us to help each other out- have fun using it!