October 29, 2012

After a hiatus of many years, we are happy to announce the revival of the Cameron Cup at Middlebury! The Cameron Cup was awarded at the end of each academic year to the Commons which had won the most number of points through a series of inter-Commons challenges and competitions. This year, we have formed the Cameron Cup Commission (CCC) to administer the allocation of Commons points.

The CCC has one student representative from each Commons and is being chaired by 2 CRAs. Though the CCC will play a role in organizing some larger inter-Commons competitions, its main role will be the weekly allocation of Commons points for all Commons programming- no matter how big or small, even if the event is meant for students just in one Commons. Commons points will be awarded on the basis of three categories- Participation, Organisation and Winning. Bonus points will be awarded for the number of Commons involved in organizing the event. Thus the objective is to encourage more Commons programming of all sorts and also programming that promotes inter-Commons interaction.

Thus, the scope of the Cameron Cup has been extended this year to be bigger than ever before. Of course, the winning Commons, at the end of the year, will receive the physical Cameron Cup, bucket loads of glory and a big prize.

If you have been involved in organizing a Commons-related event, all you have to do is fill in the POW form (go/pow) and your request for Commons points will be reviewed every Tuesday. The form only takes a little more than a minute to fill in. A tally of Commons points will be published every two weeks in The Campus and will also be available at go/points. Email cameroncc@middleubury.edu if you have any questions.