I’ve been working on an animation these past couple years about deportation and family separation and the recent news about family separation at the US southern border has been really upsetting and heartbreaking. And I want to participate somehow so I’m putting the animation up with the hope that it could serve as one more avenue for saying that taking kids away from their parents is wrong.

If you want to support that message please share it. If you want to support the awesome work of the student animators, writers, editors, musicians and mentors here at Middlebury that worked with me for 2 years on the project, please share it. I have a lot of faith in art making, and collaborative art making especially, as a tonic for so many things that are screwy these days.

The video is 7 minutes, so if you have it, take a peek. And if you have ideas for incorporating art in these bigger conversations that are affecting real peoples lives. Let me know. I’m all ears.

Animation Team

Daniel Houghton
Smithi Skunnawat
Gigi Miller
Justin Holmes
Yuki Hu
Amani Core
Julie Neuburger
Maddie Dai
Gabe Weisbuch
Ammar Almahdy
Leo McElroy
Kiwi Sheldon
David Miranda-Hardy


Jack DeBouter
Su Tan
Evan Bennett
Addy Parsons
Christopher Hauptfeld
Eun Ho Lee
Caroline Harmening
Gareth Cordery
Jack DeBouter
Mary Trichka
Jason Tran
Wheeler Jarvis
Haein Lee
Sam Zabell
Grace Zhang
Dylan Quenneville
Eleanor Mayerfeld

Special Thanks

The Middlebury College Digital Liberal Arts Initiative
The Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry
The Open Door Clinic
The Vermont Folklife Center
The Authors and Artists of “El Viaje Más Caro”
Jessica Holmes
Jason Mittell
Bill Koulopoulos
Michael Newbury
Natasha Ngaiza
Leger Grindon
Julia Doucet
Brian Foley
Megan James
Joseph Schine
Nate Burt
Jon Andrews
Maddie Dai
Lisa Terrier
Alicia Rodriguez
Ethan Murphy
Sinead Keirans
Roberto Lint Sagarena
Miguel Fernandez
Dana Yeaton


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