Anthroposophy in Art
An exploration of the anthroposophical movement and its existence in various Russian art forms of the 20th century.

Leading 20th century Russian writers included poets and prose writers. A few recognizable poets are Vladimir Mayakovsky and Anna Akhmatova, and recognizable prose writers include Vladimir Nabokov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Some, like Boris Pasternak, crossed the lines of prose and poetry freely. Others, like Andrei Bely (discussed in greater depth elsewhere on this website) wrote prose, plays, and painted.

This page spun out of a class project in a course on Russian literature. Many of the influential art movements of the early 20th century (Symbolism, Anthroposophy, Theosophy, etc.) were influential in more than one media. This website quickly began to encompass many different artistic disciplines, and ended up focusing on the visual arts instead of literature. This was due primarily to the fact that the information niche regarding the connections of anthroposophy and the works of artists such as Kandinsky was empty. More literature is available elsewhere chronicling the links of writers such as Bely to Symbolism and Anthroposophy.

To illustrate the connections between anthroposophy and art, I chose one artist from the literature tradition, from the painting tradition, and from the musical tradition. As mentioned, the most time was lavished on Kandinsky, the painter, as the least information linking him with anthroposophy was available online.