September 21, 2013 Middlebury vs. Bowdoin

Final Score 5 – 25, Loss

We played a good game with strong runs and hits coming from many players.  Bowdoin scored 2 tries in the first half, followed by a strong serious of Middlebury attack to gain us a try by 8-man Marissa “Sailor” Shaw (’14).

During the second half, an unfortunate injury to our talented fly half Sarah “Sarsh” Kravitz (’16) and an inability to cover the outside allowed Bowdoin 3 more tries. We had a few series of strong offensive that got us to the try zone, but unfortunately had 2 tries “held up”.

Despite the loss, we fought hard and played well. Excellent runs and defense by inside center Emily “Titanic” Duh, 8-man Marissa Shaw, prop Katie “Old Man” Linder (’15) and outside center Stevie “Drevie” Durocher (’15.5). Special shout out to Kyra “Trampoline” Grey (’17) and Brenda “bad-ass” Li (’17) on playing in their first rugby game ever!

First Half
Bowdoin — 5
Bowdoin — 5
Marissa Shaw — 5

Second Half
Bowdoin — 5
Bowdoin — 5
Bowdoin — 5

September 14, 2013 Middlebury vs. St. Mike’s B-side

Final Score 79 – 5, win

As always, it was a beautiful day for rugby as we headed to St. Mike’s for our first full game of the season. The game was split into four 20-minute quarters to allow time for extra coaching and regrouping on both sides.

Excellent runs from centers Emily “LQB” Duh (’14) and Stevie “Drevie” Durocher (’15.5), along with lightening quick balls from both backs and forwards helped us gain many points throughout the game. We also had great scrums, winning both offensively and defensively, so special shout out to front row Katie “Old Man” Linder (’15), Canary “I love rugby” Ly (’17), and Lissa “Aca-awkward” Ortega (’17).

Great job to Heather “German Parliament” Tourgee, Tiff “ My Leg Bruises are Exploding in Colors” Chang, Brenna “Gondola” Chirstensen, Canary Ly, and Lissa Ortega in their first rugby game ever! And congrats to fly half Sarah “Lenny” Kravitz (’16), prop Katie Linder (’15), and flanker/fullback Tiff Chang (’17), on their first tries!

Overall, it was an amazing start to the season and we are excited for our first regular season game against Bowdoin next weekend.

Sarah Minahan – 5
Stevie Durocher – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Marissa Shaw – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Sarah Kravitz – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Stevie Durocher – 5
Emily Duh – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Sarah Minahan – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Katie Linder – 5
Tiffany Chang – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Emily Duh – 5, Emily Duh – 2
Stevie Durocher – 5, Emily Duh – 2

Fall 2013 Schedule

9/8 Pre-season Dartmouth 4:00pm
9/14 NESC Bye, game @St. Mikes 3:00pm
League Games
9/21 @Bowdoin 10:00am
9/28 Williams 11:00 Home
10/5 @Tufts 4:00-ish (exact time TBA)
10/12 Colby 10:00am Home
10/19 @Amherst 11:00am
10/26 Bates 2:00pm Home