K.O.  Onufry is the head coach of the women’s team.  She has been at Middlebury since 2000 and is USA Rugby level 3 Certified.

K.O. Onufry is a revolutionary rugby player and is one of the founding members of Boston’s Beantown Rugby Club.  After many years of faithful membership to the club, she has gone on to coach numerous club side and select side rugby teams.  She has been written about in several articles on women’s rugby, and MCWRC is grateful and proud to have her as our coach.

We are very appreciative of all of the hard work done by our coaches, and we would also like to thank our faculty advisor, Franklin Dean-Farrar, for supporting our work at Middlebury College.

3 thoughts on “Coaches

  1. go midd , hey see that you are doing well, if you are in the area and need food, shelter, warm wishes let us know, any playoffs near here let us know, Miss you KO

  2. KO,
    In case you were not aware,you have been inducted into the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame. Congratulations. I am helping the Hall to get organized. Could you please reply to or call me 757 532 1356.

    Very respectfully,
    Cary Kennedy

  3. K O

    The Commonwealth of Virginia Rugby Hall of Fame has not heard from you lately. Can you contact us?


    Yours in rugby,

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