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Who Will Be The Lizard King? The Latest South Carolina Polls

It is probably no coincidence that CNN, which is hosting tomorrow’s South Carolina debate, hyped the results of its latest poll from that state as evidence “that [Romney’s] advantage over Newt Gingrich is rapidly shrinking.”   In fact, the poll taken … Continue reading

Does Mitt Benefit If The Republican Field Is Winnowed?

Political scientists John Sides and Lyn Vavreck have an interesting post up at YouGov that pertains to one of the arguments I made in my South Carolina analysis yesterday. (Sides and Vavreck are two of the best around when it … Continue reading

Mitt Romney Hates Dogs, Speaks French Too

In general, there are two views regarding the role of money in electoral politics.  The viewed espoused by the “good government” – or goo-goo – types, is that money distorts electoral outcomes.  They cite the golden rule – “them that … Continue reading

The Last Shall Be First? Santorum’s Polling is Biblical

I’m not sure what to make of this just released We Ask America poll, but I pass it along simply because it is the first poll conducted covering the last 24 hours. The most notable finding is that Santorum is … Continue reading

I’ll Bet You $1.98 Romney’s $10,000 Wager Has No Impact On The Race

If Mitt Romney fails to get the Republican nomination, it won’t have anything to do with his much criticized $10,000 bet.  For those of you who didn’t watch last night’s 12th Republican debate or followed my live blog of that … Continue reading