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Super Tuesday Preview: He’s Back! (I Think)

Jon Bernstein, who produces thoughtful political analysis at his PlainBlog website, and I are usually in agreement, but Jon takes issue with a number of recent posts I’ve made about the nomination campaign. Rather than waste your time defending my … Continue reading

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About SuperTuesday

As we near SuperTuesday, it’s probably worth it to clear up several misconceptions that have crept into the media coverage and blogosphere in recent days. The Ohio Primary is the most important contest on SuperTuesday.   No, Georgia is – thanks … Continue reading

Romney Wins, The Media Spins – And We Wait For SuperTuesday

The Washington state Republican caucuses are underway as I write.  Although the event is being heavily hyped by CNN, I’m not going to bother with live blogging for the simple reason that no delegates will be chosen today; the precinct-level … Continue reading

James Q. Wilson Has Died

Jim Wilson died yesterday.  He was 80 years old and had suffered from leukemia.  For those of you not familiar with his work, Wilson was one of the intellectual giants in political science, one whose research and writings influenced not … Continue reading

Facing the Facts: The Case For Operation Brokered Convention

If Operation Brokered Convention, the plan I hatched earlier this week to insure no Republican wins the nomination outright before the Republican convention, is to succeed, two things must happen.  First, party leaders must recognize that Mitt Romney, the current … Continue reading