Monthly Archives: August 2011

Vacation Advice to the President: Avoid The Nude Beach

If it’s August, I know three things will happen: 1. France will essentially shut down; 2. I’ll be late writing my APSA paper; 3. The President will be criticized for taking a vacation. And right on cue, the lead story … Continue reading

The One Reason Why Hillary Might Be More Effective Than Obama After 2012

Yesterday the New York Times finally jumped into the Hillary for President debate with this piece by Rebecca Traister.  So now I guess it’s a legitimate news story! Citing the Daily Beast article by Leslie Bennetts , which in turns … Continue reading

Draft Hillary Movement Goes International! (Sort of)

First France.  Now Canada.  The “draft Hillary” campaign that I am now accused of sparking is apparently gaining traction in all the places where no one can vote for her.  Evidently that’s the kind of influence I have – a … Continue reading

Hillary For Vice President?

My recent suggestion, acting in the guise of a partisan Democrat, that Hillary Clinton should challenge President Obama for the party nomination, generated a huge amount of traffic and prompted debate across the blogosphere (see here and here and here … Continue reading

Explaining Bachmann’s Win: You Must Pay to Play

Regular readers of this blog were likely not surprised by Tim Pawlenty’s decision to drop out of the race for the presidency after his disappointing third-place finish in Saturday’s straw poll.  In an earlier post I had noted, based on … Continue reading