Monthly Archives: May 2010

On Commencement Day, In Honor of My Favorite Student

It’s that time again.  As I have done ever since I started this blog in the late 1950’s, I take time out on Middlebury’s commencement day to sit down in my recliner before the fireplace,  light the used motor oil, … Continue reading

Blair Fails to Find the Philosopher’s Stone – Will Obama Keep Looking?

The recent resignation of Dennis Blair, President Obama’s national intelligence “czar”,  is no surprise, given the near impossible job he was tasked to do. Blair lasted barely a year as Obama’s chief intelligence officer, after taking office amid much fanfare … Continue reading

Who Really Won Tuesday’s Elections? Parsing the Spin

Who really won Tuesday’s elections? A. The Democrats did.   Despite all the talk of the coming Republican wave, they held onto John Murtha’s 12th congressional district Pennsylvania seat, with Democrat Mark Critz actually doing better than polls expected, besting Republican … Continue reading

Revisiting Earlier “Specter-lations” on the Eve of the Pennsylvania Senate Primary

One advantage political scientists have over the media or pundits is that we have the luxury of revisiting earlier projections/explanations in light of new data or theorizing.  This is an advantage when writing a blog that tries to focus on … Continue reading

Will Kagan Be Confirmed?

In thinking in an earlier post about Justice Stevens’ replacement, I suggested that Obama would likely choose the most liberal woman he could get through the Senate.  I had in mind either his eventual choice, Elena Kagan, or Appeals Court … Continue reading