Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Real Impact of the Court’s Decision to Allow Corporate Funding in Political Campaigns: It’s Not What You Think

My colleague Bert Johnson specializes in, among other issues, campaign finance and elections, and he has graciously agreed to weigh in on the recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to independently spend money in political campaigns. As many of you … Continue reading

What We Have Here Is NOT A Failure to Communicate – It’s A Failure to Create Jobs

If stories in the Washington Post and New York Times are correct, the Obama administration is poised to react in exactly the wrong fashion to Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts Senate race. As former communications director Anita Dunn explains, … Continue reading

A Table of Data Is Worth A Thousand Pundits

I want to revisit the subject of my previous post – why Brown won – but in more succinct fashion.  As I noted, the pundits (at least most of them that I was able to read) agree what this election … Continue reading

It Was (Primarily) the Economy, Stupid

In my last post I posited two questions that Brown’s victory raises: Why did he win?  In particular, was it a referendum on health care and Obama? What are the implications for the 2010 midterm elections? Each is worthy of … Continue reading

The “Scott Heard ‘Round the World”*

*With apologies to the Boston Herald. I’m going to need some time to analyze the data from last night’s election, but I wanted to make four quick points and show some preliminary analysis from Charles Franklin, just to whet your … Continue reading