Monthly Archives: September 2008

It’s always something (or why candidates ignore me at their peril)

I had intended to post two entries, one on the state of the national polls and the second regarding the sudden media firestorm regarding Sarah Palin.  But events never seem to cooperate with my blogging intentions. Just when it appears that … Continue reading

The aftermath of the debate: No change at all

First, a tip of the blogging cap to all those who contributed to Friday’s online analysis of the presidential debate.  It was a fun night, and we get to do it all again on Thursday.  However, it is important to … Continue reading

Live Blogging the McCain-Obama debate

9:00.  There are two wildcards in any debate:  the questions the moderator asks, and how the media interprets the answers.  In some cases those can be more important than the actual answers of the candidates.  Jim Lehrer is typically an … Continue reading

Is McCain Setting a Trap?

And will Obama walk into it? Certainly all the signs are there:  McCain’s sudden decision to abandon the campaign and rush to Washington for high-stakes summits with Bush and Obama, and with Republican and Democratic leaders negotiating the administration’s bailout … Continue reading

Will Friday’s debate be a game-changer?

As most of you know, John McCain and Barak Obama will meet this Friday in a much anticipated and sure to be much watched presidential debate, the first of a scheduled three such debates. Media pundits undoubtedly will resurrect past … Continue reading