Adirondack View BBQ (Moved Inside)

When: Sunday, April 22nd @ 1pm 
Where: Lawn to the left of PALANA (Moved to PALANA due to rain)
Why?: Big houses shouldn’t have all the fun! This is a bonding activity for all the small houses on Adirondack View

“Saving Face” Screening

Wednesday, April 18
Dana Auditorium
7:00 PM
*Sponsored by Middlebury Open Queer Alliance, PALANA House, Women of Color
Wil, a 28 year-old Chinese-American surgeon, comes home to find her widowed mother on her doorstep – pregnant! With nowhere else to go, Ma moves in with her daughter, making it difficult for Wil to nurture a budding relationship with gorgeous dancer Vivian. Wil is forced to find her mother a husband, placate her girlfriend, and choose between breaking a cycle of keeping up appearances or risk losing the girl she loves.

¿Hómo estás?

What?: MOQA’s Gaypril Kick-off Party
When?: Saturday, April 7th; 11PM-2AM
Where?: PALANA House (97 Adirondack)

When The Spirits Dance Mambo

Dr. Marta Moreno-Vega
Professor, Latin American Studies and Caribbean Studies
Founder, Caribbean Cultural Center
Co-Founder of El Mueso del Barrio

Wednesday, March 7 @ 4:30 p.m.
Followed by a Dinner and Discussion at PALANA House.

A triumphant voyage of faith and power, “Cuando los Espíritus Bailan Mambo”/”When the Spirits Dance Mambo” is a real life testament of strength and triumph of the human spirit. Tracing the role of sacred African thought and practices in the formation of Cuban society, culture and music, the documentary is a tribute to the spiritual energy that traveled from West Africa to Cuba and New York. Co-produced and directed by Robert “Bobby” Shepard and Marta Moreno Vega, “When the Spirits Dance Mambo” was shot in Cuba and New York over a three month period. A celebration of the traditions of ancestor worship, “When the Spirits Dance Mambo”, documents the roots of the sacred African religion, La Regla de Ocha (known as Santeria) as practiced in Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba and Havana. With the Caribbean Cultural Center as Executive Producer, the film traces its roots from 15th century Africa to the New World. Developing practices in the formation of Cuban civil society, Yoruba belief systems survived and traveled from Africa to Cuba and New York through sacred rituals, songs, music and dance. Armed with the energy of their ancestral rituals and customs, enslaved Africans carried La Regla de Ocha as protective shields believing in the power of a spiritual force for endurance, identity and empowerment

Sponsored by Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, Chellis House, Women of Color, and PALANA


PALANA Uncensored: Op-Ed Articles in The Campus

When: January 26 @ 4:30pm

Where: PALANA House (97 Adirondack)

What: We will be discussing the following articles written by Sam Koplinka-Loehr, ” Choosing to Work Toward Liberation” and Rhiya Trivedi, “An Open Break-Up Letter.” Everyone is more than welcome to attend!


When: December 3rd @10pm

Where: PALANA House

Why?: Because we love great music and want to share it with the campus! Please come and enjoy! Light refreshments will be served. 

2nd PALANA Pals Dinner 

When: November 11, 2011 @ 7pm

Where: PALANA House

Who: Mens Swim Team & UWC Scholars, plus Pals! 

PALANA Screening: Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood – CANCELLED 

Saturday, November 05 @ 1:00 PM

Location: Screening room behind Crossroads Cafe

PALANA House is screening Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood and hosting a post-move discussion about the portrayal of African Americans in the media.  All students are invited!

PALANA Post-panel Reception and Open House Friday, October 28 at 9:00 p.m.

PALANA House is hosting a reception and open house following the Alumni Career Panel: Diversity at Work. All alumni and students are invited.

PALANA House, 97 Adirondack View

1st PALANA Pals Dinner

When: October 14, 2011 @ 7pm

Where: PALANA House

Who: Hadley 2 & Stew 1, plus anyone else who wants to join in on the fun! 

PALANA Uncensored: Disparities in Higher Education 

When: October 13th, 4:30 pm

Where: Carr Hall 

Why?: An open and safe discussion around the disparity seen in higher education with special guest, Keith Reeves. We will focus on socioeconomic, racial, gender/ sex, and public vs. private disparities. 

Please come with honest answers and no fear to express whatever you want. No judgement will be passed here. 

PALANA House and Alianza present: SPANISH MUSIC DANCE PARTY!

In an effort to diversify the dance party scene at Middlebury College, PALANA House is collaborating with the cultural organization Alianza (Latin American Interest Group) to provide students with a Latino music selection!

September 24th, 2011 @10pm at PALANA House

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