MiddAction Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

Get your hands dirty: help paint at Beeman Elementary School
Staying on campus during spring break? Want to spend your time in a meaningful way helping out your community? Beeman Elementary is looking for volunteers to help paint their cafeteria on Saturday, March 24th. Please e-mail tfafard@comcast.net for more information if you are interested in helping!

Monkton Central School: Volunteers needed to help with accelerated math 6th graders
Volunteers are needed 1-2 times per week to work with pre-algebra level sixth graders on math activities between 9:15 – 10:25 a.m. Monday through Thursday. Interested? Contact Kate Geyler, 6th grade teacher, Monkton Central School, kgagner@anesu.org. Need transportation? You could apply to the SCB Flex Fund to get gas mileage reimbursement or to fund a college vehicle (college driver’s license necessary).

Register a Relay for Life Team!
Help raise money for cancer research by registering for Relay for Life! Grab your friends, start a team, and have an awesome time at our event on May 4, 2012! Visit go/relay.

Film your story for VT Energy Independence Day!
March 21st is VT Energy Independence Day. Grab a camera and film your story, interview a neighbor, visit an energy project, talk with a town energy committee. Let’s show the world what one small state can do. This is a story of our State making a bold break from the past, transitioning to a sustainable energy future, and strengthening economy, community, and environment in the bargain. More information at: www.march21st.org.

Apply to participate in the Hesselbein Global Academy:
Funding provided for attendance

Join 50 top student leaders from across the world to learn how to be effective, ethical, and innovative leaders. Participants will work alongside distinguished mentors who will share their expertise and provide advanced leadership training. Students will emerge from the academy with the skills and experience to excel as global leaders. Deadline April 30.
Apply online at http://www.hesselbein.pitt.edu/student-leadership/overview.php
Contact Quan Pham, qpham@middlebury.edu, for questions.

¿Habla Español?
Get engaged: Support a Middlebury Union High School Student who needs a Spanish tutor one or more days a week. The student is available from 1:30 – 2:15 Monday through Friday, tutoring would take place in the high school Learning Lab. Contact Jim Burnett, Learning Lab Coordinator, jburnett@addisoncentralsu.org, 802.382.1165.

Volunteer with Nutrition Outreach and Mentoring (NOM)
This week the Teen Center is hosting community supper at the Congregational Church in town. On Wednesday (today!) we will be preparing dessert for the event with the teens! Think crisp: apple or peach! Either way it is going to be delicious. And we are going to bake several at the teen center. Meet us at 4:30 on Wednesday at the Teen Center In addition, your help would be greatly appreciated to cook, serve, and clean at community supper on Friday! We will meet at the Congregational Church at 3 and the event will probably last until 7. You are always welcome to come any time you are available within this time frame. Friends are welcome to help as well. Questions? Email nom.midd@gmail.com.

On Wednesday (today!) we are going to Beeman Elementary! After much analysis of each class’s drawings, skits, stories, and puppet shows from last week, this week we will reveal each class’s winning vegetable. Want to help plan the curriculum? Let’s meet over breakfast tomorrow morning in Proctor Lounge at 8! More importantly, there will be two time frames in which you can actually be in the classroom with students on Wednesday (transportation provided). One car will leave at 8 am and be back to campus by noon. The other will leave just after noon and be back by 3:30. Please e-mail nom.midd@gmail.com if you would like to carpool to Beeman! If you have your own car, you are more than welcome to go for any length of time that you are available! The kids are pumped. This is going to be an exciting surprise for them!

Need money for service? Apply to the Service Cluster Board Flex Fund to finance your initiatives!
Whether it is transportation expenses or ingredients to cook meals at the community lunch program, we want to help you serve others. Click on “Service Cluster Board Flex Fund” here to find our application. Email scboard@middlebury.edu for more information.

Questions?If you have questions about any of these volunteer opportunities or want to learn more ways to get involved in the local community, contact Ashley Calkins, Community Engagement Coordinator, jcalkins@middlebury.edu, 802.443.3099