Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge (BNEC)

Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge (BNEC)
Civic Works – AmeriCorps Position
Program Description

As one of the initial projects stemming from the Baltimore Sustainability Plan, the Baltimore Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the Baltimore Community Foundation, is launching the Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge (BNEC) to motivate households to reduce their energy use. In its initial phase, BNEC will be a 9-month pilot program in 8 Baltimore communities designed to raise awareness, reduce residential energy use, stimulate demand for energy conservation services, and learn lessons on how to motivate behavior change related to reducing residential energy use. After the pilot, we hope to use what
we learn to expand BNEC citywide and connect the program to other efforts aimed at creating jobs to make Baltimore homes healthy and energy efficient. BNEC has the potential to be a national model of community mobilization, social marketing, and verifiable energy use and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

AmeriCorps Service Position Description

The AmeriCorps team member for BNEC will be responsible for on the ground outreach within the participating communities. They will be responsible for canvassing, event planning, and community organizing to encourage participation in the BNEC program. AmeriCorps members will work closely with the Program Coordinator, Project Manager, community leaders and community volunteers to help achieve the goals set forth by the program.

Ideal candidates will be motivated self-starters; will be able to communicate with a diverse set of stakeholders, community organizations and residents; will feel comfortable working in a community and team
environment; will develop and administer community participation processes; will participate in community meetings, events and training sessions as needed; will complete a variety of tasks for the good of the cause and will possess a positive attitude about energy conservation.

As interest and skills permit, the team members may be involved in research and analysis as well as broader program development work.

Annual Commitment – 1700 hours over 11 months
Weekly Service – 40 hours
Living Stipend – $11,400
Education Award – $4,725

Interested candidates should contact Reed Schuler IMMEDIATELY at reed.schuler(at)

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