Beat the Heat this Summer!

Welcome Language School Students!

We have a selection of No English Spoken Here and (Life doesn’t come with subtitles) clothing and merchandise in vibrant colors this year.  Check out our Language School Hot Items Page.

Don’t forget to check out our large selection and updated line-up of Middlebury Logo items.  We have many styles, colors and sizes to choose from.

To beat the heat!

We have mini refrigerators for sale to keep your drinks cold!

1.7 Cubic Ft-    $125.00 w/ mini ice tray freezer

2.5 Cubic Ft-    $175.00

2.7 Cubic Ft-    $149.95 w/ mini freezer

*We can buy these back at the end of the Language School for 50% of the price for Fully Clean, Non-Broken or UN-dented Refrigerators only.

You will also find a variety of size fans to help bring the cooler air in or just circulate the air.

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