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MIIS Email confusion

Email addresses from the Monterey Institute of International Studies can have one of the following three formats:

  • jantonio@miis.edu
  • Joseph.Antonioli@miis.edu
  • jantonio@exchange.miis.edu

With regards to MIDDBlogs, any of the email addresses can be used to register for a blog. The catch is that you have to remember which one you used. If you registered and created your own blog, you will need to use the same email address when someone adds you to their blog.


If you have logged into your dashboard lately, you will notice that the layout has changed. As of this morning, we have upgraded from WordPress mu 1.3 to 1.5 (WordPress 2.5). Personally, I think the layout is more intuitive than before, and I would appreciate anyone sharing there thoughts on this.

There are 3 new themes added to the gallery, as well as one for the CommentPress plugin. Again, if you find themes and plugins that you like and believe would be useful, please send a link to Joe and we will upload it after a code review.