Interviewing Workshop – Thursday, April 2 (12:30pm-1:30pm PDT)

Interviewing boils down to 3 core questions: Can you do the job, will you be happy doing the job, and will you be a good fit? Come join CACS advisors Edy Rhodes, Scott Webb, and Elizabeth Bone for this interactive workshop that allows you to practice the answers to these questions while providing some interviewing best practices based on their years of experience. Collectively these advisors have interviewed hundreds of candidates in their previous professional capacities. RSVP to get access to Canvas career management resources including a list of common interview questions and a link to some Ted talks for interview inspiration.

Please RSVP here to receive the Zoom link. This session is open to both undergrad and graduate students.

Handshake HOT Social Impact Internships – Some REMOTE too!

For a comprehensive listing of social impact internships (612 in 12 categories including: environmental services, renewable energy, international affairs, NGO, social services, agriculture & food) in Handshake check them out HERE (sorted by Expiration Date). Check out Handshake for the many social impact internships listed as remote, ones that under our unusual global economic climate may be done from anywhere!

For a comprehensive listing of social impact jobs (701 in 12 categories including: environmental services, renewable energy, international affairs, NGO, social services, agriculture & food) in Handshake check them out HERE (sorted by Expiration Date).


CCI-Sponsored – New York City Program Intern, The Nature Conservancy: New York City, New York

CCI-Sponsored- Farm-Based Education Summer Fellowship, Shelburne Farms: 1611 Harbor Road, Shelburne, Vermont 05482

FoodWorks Internship Program, Middlebury College FoodWorks Fellowship Program: Middlebury, Vermont

CCI-Sponsored- Cartography & GIS Assistant, Rhumb Line Maps, South Bristol, Maine

Development Intern, Economic Mobility Pathways: 308 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Development Intern, Refugees International: Washington, District of Columbia

Program Development Intern, Global Nomads Group: (Remote) New York City, New York

Events and Communications Intern The Climate Group New York City, New York, United States of America

Business Actions Intern The Climate Group New York City, New York

Development Intern The Climate Group New York City, New York

Research Intern – Leadership Consortium The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 500 5th Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia 20001

National Business, Marketing, Media, Film, Computer Science, Management, Entrepreneurial, Virtual Internship Seaside Sustainability, Inc. Gloucester, Massachusetts

ECOCareers Conference April 1-2, 2020-Join Virtually!

Last Chance to Register for (Virtual) EcoCareers 2020!

This week the National Wildlife Federation will host their 4th annual, virtual EcoCareers Conference on Wednesday & Thursday, April 1 -2. Have you registered yet? Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to hear from leading analysts and employers across many green sectors and gain insights into how you can build your own pathway to a sustainable career.

The Conference will be featuring speakers and panelist talking about Food Justice Careers, the Arts and Creative Industries, a Culinary Climate Action Workshop, Circular Economy Careers (careers that help move society
toward and sustain a circular economy), Climate Crisis Careers, and Green Finance and Investment Careers. Check it all out HERE.

Students at higher ed institutions can unlock free registration by joining the NWF EcoLeader online community. Note that if sponsorship or registration cost is a concern for higher education audiences, we encourage you to reach out to us at

Register for the Conference

Alaska Fellows Program: Virtual Q&A 3/31 and New Positions!

The Alaska Fellows Program (AFP) has new positions open for the fall 2020 program start!  AFP is a fall-to-spring residential fellowship program that nurtures the next generation of Alaska-based leaders by pairing talented young people with strong communities and professional mentors in Sitka, Anchorage, Juneau — and starting in fall 2020, Fairbanks.

We’re excited to offer a virtual Information Session for the first time. If you’re considering applying or have already applied for this program year, we encourage you to join us via Zoom next Tuesday at 12pm AKDT (4 pm EDT)  to ask questions and learn more about the program. You can RSVP for the webinar: 

RSVP for the virtual Information Session

Date and time: Tuesday, March 31, 12pm AKDT (4 pm EDT)

Below are some of the OPEN positions:

Apply for the Alaska Fellows Program 

Program dates: Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Locations: Sitka, Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks

You Have Access to LinkedIn Learning!

You’ve probably been scrolling on your phone or clicking around on your laptop for hours on end since you’ve started social distancing. After all, there are tons of interesting things populating the internet. If you’d like to take a break from the endless stream of Tik Tok videos and Facebook posts, checkout LinkedIn Learning.

The site provides over 13,000 video tutorials falling under the umbrella categories of Business, Creative, and Technology. As a Middlebury student, you have access to all of these resources. Simply sign in with your school credentials and get started learning something new! Below are just a few of the courses available to you.


Algorithmic Trading and Stocks Essential Training

Many stock market trades are conducted with algorithms: computer programs that buy or sell stocks according to mathematical formulas. These trades are conducted at a speed and frequency that is hard for humans to replicate. Therefore, it’s important for finance professionals, and indeed everyone who invests in the stock market, to know how these algorithms work. This course shows how to develop a back-tested, rules-based trading strategy and program a simple trading algorithm of your own.

SEO Foundations

Explore the basics of SEO, including how to read a results page and how rankings affect businesses large and small. Discover how to implement foundational optimization strategies and techniques, including how to conduct keyword research, build internal and external links, optimize your pages and content, measure your successes and progress, and plan for a long-term SEO strategy.

Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions

Follow along with Excel expert Dennis Taylor as he demystifies the hundreds of formulas and functions available in Excel. Dennis starts with a few critical formula shortcuts that will speed up your work, then covers a variety of functions, such as VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX, statistical functions, text functions, and date and time, math, text, and information functions. Dennis provides practical examples to help viewers easily transition to using Excel’s most powerful formulas and functions in real-world scenarios.


Web Development Foundations: Web Technologies

You use it every day, for banking, researching, shopping, and social media, but do you really know how the web works? In this course, author James Williamson introduces the technology that makes the web run, the terminology involved, and how it all comes together to power the websites we know and love. He covers the alphabet soup of technologies involved (HTML, CSS, URL, DNS, HTTP, and IPv6), and explains what separates the front end (what we see) from the back end (what we don’t) on the web. This course is your “plain English” guide to the world of domains, databases, servers, and the technology that makes the web work.

Logo Design: Techniques

Logos are a critical part of the modern visual landscape. A good logo is simple, instantly recognizable, and comprised of only the most essential elements. To learn how to create your own, it’s important to be able to identify the components and design techniques behind the most successful examples, from the Nike swoosh to the Coca-Cola ribbon. In this course, Nigel French reveals how successful logos depend on good type choices and simple shapes–or the combination of simple shapes. He shows examples of popular logos and then demonstrates how to use the same construction techniques to create similar logos in Adobe illustrator. The course combines theory with the nuts-and-bolts techniques that emphasize simplicity and readability: the principles that ground the world’s best logo designs.

User Experience for Web Design

A good user experience design will make visitors stay on your site. A bad one will make them go to someone else’s. This class teaches you how to apply simple UX design principles to your site to make it behave in the way that users want and expect.

Learning AutoCAD (2019)

Learn how to use AutoCAD 2020 to create precise 2D drawings for architecture, construction, manufacturing, and more. This beginner-level course covers the basics of the AutoCAD user interface as well as critical CAD drawing and design techniques. Autodesk Certified Instructor Shaun Bryant leads you step-by-step through drawing simple geometry, creating annotations, and building documentation that is suitable for sharing and printing. By the end of the course, you’ll have the foundational knowledge you need to create simple, annotated drawings and further develop your AutoCAD skills.


Data Science & Analytics Career Paths & Certifications: First Steps

The career opportunities in data science, big data, and data analytics are growing dramatically. If you’re interested in changing career paths, determining the right course of study, or deciding if certification is worthy of your time, this course is for you. You will hear about the five biggest career opportunities, the six leading industry-recognized certifications available, and the most exciting emerging technologies.

Code Clinic: Python

Successful programmers know more than just how to code. They also know how to think about solving problems. Code Clinic is a series of courses where our instructors solve the same problems using different programming languages. Here, Barron Stone works with Python. Barron introduces challenges and provides an overview of his solutions in Python. Challenges include topics such as statistical analysis and accessing peripheral devices.

<a href=”http://<div style=”position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.25%”><iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” allowfullscreen=”true” frameborder=”0″ style=”position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0″></iframe></div><p><strong><a href=”” title=”Build an iOS 13 app in an afternoon”>Build an iOS 13 app in an afternoon</a></strong> from <strong><a href=”” title=”Create an iOS app in the span of an afternoon. Explore the code, tools, frameworks, and practices for building simple, native iOS 13 applications.”>Building Your First iOS 13 App</a></strong> by <strong><a href=””>Todd Perkins</a></strong>Building Your First iOS 13 App

Want to turn your idea into a full-fledged iOS app? Learn how in this course. Todd Perkins shows folks new to iOS development how to create an iOS app in the span of an afternoon, sharing the best practices along the way. Todd covers the code, tools, frameworks, and practices for building iOS applications, including how to create an Xcode project, run your first app, build a user interface, and code interactivity.

About-to-expire internships on Handshake!

National River Cleanup & Corporate Relations Internship, American Rivers, Washington, DC

Opportunity expires March 31, 2020

The National River Cleanup (NRC) Program, American Rivers’ volunteer engagement program, mobilizes thousands of river stewards to organize cleanups and offers crucial resources, capacity-building tools and support to cleanup organizers nationwide. The NRC & Corporate Relations intern will help with day-to-day management of the National River Cleanup program, establish new projects for the program and be involved with corporate prospecting, including research and other activities. The intern will write National River Cleanup-related blogs, collect cleanup organizer stories for the website and other American Rivers publications, assist with event planning, developing and updating corporate and National River Cleanup resources, and other special projects.

EEA Climate Summer Team, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires March 31, 2020

The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program intern will work directly with the MVP Manager and other members of EEA’s Climate Team to support grant administration and other program needs. Tasks may include building out an online portal to house program information and resources for the MVP team, creating a database of total funding and project descriptions by region, and assisting with developing content for the MVP portal on

Software-Fullstack Engineering Internship (Summer 2020), Tesla, Reno, NV

Opportunity expires April 1, 2020

Tesla is seeking a highly motivated software engineer students specializing in front end, back end and/or full-stack development experience. These students will work within our Vehicle Software, Energy and Digital Products teams. Interns will develop and validate software for Tesla’s current and future products and programs. We care greatly about building software that stands the test of time, even as parts of the stack keeps evolving. They will contribute to cross-functional system architecture, software system design, analytics applications and rapid prototyping.

New York City Program Intern, The Nature Conservancy, New York, NY

Opportunity expires April 3, 2020

The NYC Program intern will directly support the Cities team’s Future Forest NYC initiative, focused on improving the protection, growth, and long-term care of trees on public and private lands, with an emphasis on public health and equity. The intern will assist with volunteer event planning, related to tree stewardship; research, write, and present information on New York City tree issues; as well as providing some miscellaneous support to the overall project.

Summer Internship in Sustainability Education, The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF), Valhalla, NY

Opportunity expires April 12, 2020

Do you want to spend your summer addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time? Our climate is changing. Humans need to prepare and adapt in ways that are resilient and equitable. The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) is tackling this challenge by preparing K-12 students to become our future problem-solvers. CELF’s mission is to make sustainability an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience and we do that by training teachers. Our goal is for students to understand and appreciate the interconnections between. Our flagship Summer Institute in Education for Sustainability draws educators from across the country to dive into issues like how to balance a stable economy, a healthy environment and equitable social systems.