Fellowships Spring Info Session Schedule

Want to apply for a fellowship or find out more information about applying in the next cycle? The fellowships office will host information sessions in the spring semester for students interested in learning more and applying to the Watson, Fulbright, British, and Schwarzman Scholarships. British Fellowships Info Session: Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Churchill, Gates-Cambridge Tues., Feb. […]

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (trial through March 22, 2017)

Middlebury students, faculty, and staff have free access to the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics Online.

EHLLO offers a systematic and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the history and study of the Hebrew language from its earliest attested form to the present day. It features advanced search options, as well as extensive cross-references and full-text search functionality using the Hebrew character set.

Let us know what you think – email eaccess-admin@middlebury.edu or contact your library liaison.

Community Partner Feature – Wild Roots Farm VT

Jon Turner, of Wild Roots Farm in Bristol, is coming to campus on Friday, Feb. 24 to host a workshop called Fundamentals of Design: Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture

Friday, Feb. 24


Axinn 219

90% of mistakes can be prevented with an efficient design. This workshop will give you an understanding of different ways to view the landscape and how the site can influence a successful design. We will discuss permaculture principles and how to apply them to this process, while also providing case studies of the effectiveness of ecological design.

*Wild Roots Farm VT 2017 Regeneration Workshop Series*
Learn more about Wild Roots Farm VT here: https://www.facebook.com/WildRootsFarmVermont/
Cultivating Mushrooms: Substrates & Soil
March 11
Hands on
Resilient Farm Systems: Mindfulness in the Field
April 8
Designing and Building the Forest Garden
May 13- 14
Hands on
Improving Your Soil: Biologically Charged Garden Beds
June 10
Storing Carbon/ Utilizing Nutrients: Waste as a Resource
July 8
Hands on
Pollinator Habitat & Forage Strips
August 12
Pasture Management & Livestock Integration
September 9
*Public Gatherings*
Veterans Regeneration Benefit
May 26
-proceeds will go to a local project
Know Your Farmer Market Day
July 8
-sample local food and meet the farmers who helped produce it
2nd Annual Harvest Potluck and Hoedown
September 30
-food, music and lots of family

Chicago Posse 5 Community Supper – Reflection by Arturo Simental

On Sunday, January 17th, my Posse and I (first years from Chicago) participated in a community supper at the Congregational Church. After weeks of planning and some initial preparation the night before in the form of creating a music playlist, grocery shopping, and baking ten dozen brownies, our group was excited to work together serving the Middlebury Community. To make operations smoother, we divided into different roles: dishwashers, cooks, cutters, and servers. We began our day setting up the long meal tables with floral decorations and tableware. Other members of the Middlebury community, friends, and community leaders assisted us.

Our menu consisted of chicken parmesan, two types of pasta, salad, bread, clementine, and chocolate desserts. Preparing the food for 200 community members taught us how to work effectively as a team and be diligent. Knowing each other well through Posse made it quicker to work and be honest about what we needed from each other to serve everyone who expected a good meal. The biggest lesson of the community supper was acknowledging how important it is to engage with community members that aren’t students of Middlebury College. Living in a college campus often blinds us from connecting with Vermont locals and learning about their challenges and hearing their stories. We all learned how hardworking the community members are and we put to rest any preconceived notions we had of the community; we found that there is tremendous diversity in the Vermont experience. Engaging with the community gave us a new understanding of Addison County and opened our eyes to the privileges we have being in Middlebury as students and how beneficial it can be to reach out and have events that give back to community members. After cleaning up and reflecting on our experience the following week, we hope to further our community engagement with locals and demonstrate our leadership as Posse scholars!

Thanks, in part, to the Service Cluster Board Flex Fund for the generous grant to help make purchasing groceries possible, and to the Charter House Coalition and Congregational Church team for welcoming us so warmly.

Which Mac Is Right For You?

Which Mac is the right one to buy?


Here are a few questions to ask yourself ~

Will I need a faster Mac with the latest technology or do I use only the basics with my Mac?

If you do a lot of research with many windows open to compare sites for class as well as run software like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro or InDesign for video and photo editing, or even possibly using software for Business Management or Accounting like QuickBooks where more RAM and processing speed is required, then you will want the MacBook Pro over the MacBook or the MacBook Air.  More RAM (which is the temporary memory on a computer) allows for more windows open for doing a lot of research while listening to your music, or streaming movies and certain software requires more RAM for optimal performance.   Mac’s with a faster processor, like the new 13” and 15” Mac with Touch Bar, can process data at faster speeds like compressing audio files, adjusting photos, or converting video files and a faster processor can even boot up your laptop quicker.

What if I only use my laptop for internet access for things like doing a little research for class or watching movies or getting my email?

Unless you want the versatility of the MacBook Pro for future possibilities of career related responsibilities, the MacBook or the MacBook Air might be a good solution.   Priced at lower costs, the MacBook Air is widely one of the favorites here at Middlebury and perfect for the average user due to its light weight of just under 3 pounds.  For an even lighter Mac, the 12” MacBook with Retina Display and more storage is another alternative and it comes in a choice of either Rose, Silver, Gold or Space Gray colors.

I really can’t spend that much for a new Mac but need the faster processing power.

The MacBook Pro 13”128GB with 2.7GHz Dual-core i5 processor or the 15” 256GB with 2.2GHz Quad-core i7 processor are priced at $1199.00 and $1699.00 (respectively) and both offer fast processors and Retina Display.

Below is a comparison sheet of Graphics, RAM, Storage capacity, Weight and Color choice-

Midd/MIIS Travelers

The following employees have reported upcoming travel between Midd and MIIS:

From Midd to MIIS From MIIS to Midd
John Elder, Env. Studies

Mar 4-11

Melissa Hanham, CNS

Feb 27-29

Chris Spencer, Communications and Marketing

Mar 13-18

Jeffrey Lewis, CNS

Feb 27-29

Demetrius Borge, Communications and Marketing

Mar 13-18

Molly Anderson, Food Studies

Mar 21-April 3

Orion Lewis, Political Science

January 29-Feb 10/March

Pam Berenbaum, Sociology/Anthropology


Amy Collier, Provost’s Office

Feb 15-19

Sheila Cameron, Provost’s Office

Mar 7-16

Kathy Foley, ISSS

April 24-28

Reminder: Closing out your 2016 Flexible Spending Accounts

If you participated in a flexible spending account in 2016 and still have a remaining balance, you have until March 15, 2017 to seek reimbursement for dates of service which occurred in 2016.  While at this point in time you can no longer use your 2016 benefits debit card for claims, you may file your claims by using a paper claim form and submitting it via mail, fax or via electronic upload.  Here is a link to the 2016 CBA FSA claim form: http://www.middlebury.edu/media/view/170601/original/CBA_Blue_Flex_Claim_Form.pdf

Here is a link to the site for uploading your 2016 FSA claims: https://secure.cbabluevt.com/electronic-submission.aspx?app=reimbursement

After March 15th, remaining 2016 Health FSA balances, up to a maximum of $500 will be rolled over to your 2017 Health FSA account.  The rollovers are expected to be credited to employees accounts with MyCafeteriaPlan in April.   If an employee participated in the flex spending accounts in 2016, but did not enroll in 2017, any rollover funds available to them will result in a new account being opened for them at MyCafeteriaPlan, and debit cards issued.