No, Obama’s Executive Action Did Not Violate Governing Norms

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But that doesn’t mean it was smart. In my two previous posts  regarding President Obama’s decision to take executive action to defer deportation proceedings against some 5 million undocumented immigrants, I suggested that its impact on his power would be determined by politics – that is, by the public reaction, as expressed through elected officials […]

Has Obama Stepped Into the Second-Term Trap?

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Does Obama’s executive action on immigration demonstrate that he has fallen into the second-term trap that ensnared so many of his predecessors? Two years ago, looking ahead to Obama’s reelection, I posted this piece warning about the “history of past presidents who won a second term in office.” The danger, I wrote then “is that […]

Digital Media Bootcamp Update

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Wilson Media Lab

Wilson Media Lab

Three of the Adobe workshops have filled up, as well as the Omeka workshop. We have added four more workshops to the series to accommodate the demand:

Adobe Photoshop @ 1pm January 5, 2015
Adobe InDesign @ 2:45pm January 12, 2015
Building Digital Exhibits with Omeka @ 2:45pm January 14, 2015
Adobe Illustrator @ 1pm January 22, 2015

Other popular workshops include:

Equipment Demo: Scanners, Plotters and more @ 2:45pm January 6, 2015
Equipment Demo: Cameras @ 1pm January 8, 2015
iMovie @ 2:45pm January 8, 2015
Quicktime, SnapZ Pro, MPEG Streamclip @ 1pm January 12, 2015
Portfolios Using WordPress @ 2:45pm January 19, 2015
Crafting Digital Narratives with Scalar @ 2:45pm January 21, 2015
Audio Software @ 2:45pm January 26, 2015

Please visit the Digital Media Bootcamp site for the complete listing of workshops and the space availability.

Library Update: July to October 2014

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We’ve published the Library Update that covers the period from July 2014 to October 2014. It’s a fairly long read (12 pages single spaced) that documents both recent accomplishments and upcoming plans. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the materials within.


— mike

Friday Links for November 21, 2014

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Historic first landing on a comet! Check out the ESA Rosetta project page or read a summary at NPR

10 bad technology decisions that can come back to haunt you – As organizations build their tech roadmap for the years ahead, the wrong choices and strategies could have unfortunate repercussions. Here are some pitfalls to watch out for.

The art of data visualization – a brief essay and excellent video. “There are enormously beautiful visualizations but it’s as a by-product of the truth and the goodness of the information.” –Edward Tufte at around 0:50 in the video

Winter Term Workshop 2015

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Here’s your chance to broaden your horizons and/or develop a new interest! This January is your big opportunity to participate in Winter Term Workshops offered by Student Activities. Be sure to take advantage of this year’s series of non‐credit workshops ‐ open to the entire College community ‐ and make the most of Winter Term.

Check out go/wtw

One Internship Experience : Aissatou Gaye, Middlebury 2016

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Aissatou Gaye (pictured in the middle, between two of her colleagues), a Middlebury College undergraduate majoring in Economics, is exploring the world of French Finance this semester.  In addition to the Economics courses she takes at Sciences Po-Paris, she is interning with Finance Innovation, a business and research cluster specializing in financial services (  Their offices are located within the historical Paris stock exchange (“la Bourse”), in the Palais Brongiart building.  Stay tuned for more information on her story as well as those of her classmates and fellow interns as of January 2015 at the following website: DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA