London Review of Books (trial ends September 13, 2014)

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Middlebury College has free trial access to the online version of the London Review of Books until September 13th.LRB

Since 1979, the London Review of Books has stood up for the tradition of the literary and intellectual essay in English. Each issue contains up to 15 long reviews and essays by academics, writers and journalists. There are also shorter art and film reviews, as well as poems and a lively letters page.

Explore and let us know what you think – send an email or contact your liaison.

President Griswold? The Nation Lampoons Vacations

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I vowed that this year I would not engage in the annual “The President is on Vacation Now?!” madness. In past years when I’ve engaged in this debate, I felt a little like Clark Griswold persuading his family to go to Walleye World (more on that below). As I’ve noted in previous columns, the “discussion” […]

Small States, Malapportionment and Electoral Independence

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I’m up today at U.S. News with an analysis of Republican Senator Jim Jeffords’ decision in 2001 to declare as an independent and caucus with the Democrats. As I noted in yesterday’s post, his political career was largely defined by this decision which threw control of the Senate to the Democratic Party for the next […]

HR Update: This Week’s Employment Snapshot

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There are currently 5 faculty positions, 40 external job postings (regular, on-call and temporary), and  6 internal job postings on the Middlebury College employment opportunities web sites.

Employment Quick Links:

Faculty Employment Opportunities:

Staff Employment Opportunities: go/staff-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Please note – to view only internal staff postings, please use the internal posting search filter that was highlighted in this MiddPoints article.

On-call/Temporary Staff Employment Opportunities: go/staff-jobs-sh (on campus), (off campus)

Why I Love Politics: Jeffords, Perry and Zakaria

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This Sunday’s Shorts: Somewhat surprisingly, I’ve received more email and twitter responses regarding my posts about allegations that Fareed Zakaria is guilty of plagiarism than I have about any of my Michael Brown-related posts. The OurBadMedia website that published the original accusations against Zakaria has now posted a second set allegedly “showing how Zakaria blatantly […]

2014-2015 Leadership Team

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Maggie Morris, Head Peer Writing Tutor. Maggie approves time, runs evening makeup sessions and assists the Program Director.

Cate Costley, Head Mentor. Cate manages and guides the Writing and Academic Mentors attached to First-Year Seminars. She helps run evening makeup sessions and assists the Program Directors.

Robert Silverstein, Manager of Drop-in Tutors. Robert manages, supervises, assigns evening shifts, creates publicity, and assists the Program Director.


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2014 Training Dates for PWTs and FYMs

All training sessions take place 4:30-6:30 in CTLR, Davis Family Library 225

Fall 2014 dates

Org Session   Wednesday 9/10 for Writing and Academic Mentors
Thursday 9/11 for Peer Writing Tutors
Session 2       Wednesday 9/17 for Tutors and Writing and Mentors  (Mentors    bring all 4 syllabi to session 2)
Session 3       Thursday 9/24 for Tutors and Writing and Mentors
(Bring a paper of your own to Session 3.)
Session 3         Thursday 9/24 for Tutors and Writing and Mentors
Session 4         Thursday 10/1 for Tutors and Writing and Mentors
Session 5         Thursday 10/8 for Tutors and Writing and Mentors
Session 6         Thursday 10/16 for Tutors and Writing and Mentors

Please bring your folder to every training session.

Log training hours under the correct training category.