Tutorials for New Mac Users

Occasionally we get in those individuals who have never experienced Mac before and are looking at buying a laptop or an iPad.  They play with a Mac here in the store and feel like they are “In the Fog”.

There are a great many tutorials that are available to help you get used to the Mac world including the verbiage which is different than that of the PC and Windows world.  Almost daily, we have someone that needs help learning how to do this or that on the Mac or iPad.  I am creating a link for some basic Apple Tutorials below that are step-by-step instructions along with the video.

Apple Tutorials

Our Library and Information services has also provided a link to tutorials for Faculty, Staff and Students.  These tutorials are by Lynda.com and have been provided for Middlebury.  Simply click to link below to get to the LIS Helpdesk- Lynda at Middlebury information page, then click on the link go/lynda

These tutorials are for such a broad range of subjects that you can type in what subject you would like to learn in the search space provided at the top of the page.  So simply type in Mac and you will have a large list to choose from that are rated for beginners, intermediate or all.  You will then be able to select the Switching to Mac tutorial at the top of the list. Each tutorial is 2 to 3 minutes long within the selections for Switching to Mac. This allows you to learn in steps as time allows.

Lynda.com at Middlebury


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