Wish List

Wow, is anyone beside me amazed at how fast this semester and Midd school year has flown by or that graduation season is upon us?  Where did the time go?  Maybe because it went directly from fall weather to spring time, it seems to have gone by faster.With so many students  getting ready to graduate, we thought a graduation gift wish list would be appropriate.  We talked with many students for this wish list and created the list for Apple products :

  1. MacBook Pro both 15″ and the 13″ are the most popular right now because of the large HD and sleek design.
  2. MacBook Air coming in at a close second is the laptop of the future- light-weight and durable, it is perfect for those who will be traveling a lot.
  3. The new 32GB iPad in the black is very hot right now too.
  4. iPod Classic because of its large 160GB storage for music.
  5. iPod Touch is making a come back because it has many similar features as the iPad but fits in the back pocket.

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