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Circulation wiki updates

Several edits have been made to both the Borrowing and Circulation staff wiki pages. If you have linked to either site, you will probably need to update your links. Please let me know if you can’t find something that used to be readily available. Also, please feel free to update any out-of-date information. I did not update content, only the organization and location of the info.
Borrowing wiki page
Circ staff wiki page

24/7 Exam hours

The Davis Family Library will be providing extended hours during the last week of classes and the exam period.

24/7 hours started at 9 am on Sunday, 11/28 and will end at 8 pm on Saturday, 12/11. Bring your ID – card access required between 11 pm and 8 am (9 am on Saturday and Sunday). Guest passwords for computer access will not be issued between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am.

Check here for up to date hours at all Libraries.

A new chapter in Circulation

Greetings from my new office! There have been a lot of changes in Circulation as of late, and I thought it might be useful for everyone out there to know what everyone here is doing these days.

Kellam Ayres has been in charge of reserves for a while, and will now (after 6 years without a “normal” weekend) move to a Monday-Friday schedule.
Kim Gurney has joined us from Facilities and is already becoming a familiar face behind the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk.
Janine McDonald is adjusting to her new evening hours and becoming familiar with the equipment pool at Circ. She joined us from CSO.
Shawn O’Neil has made the move over to the Armstrong Library Circ Desk. He will be handling the ILL and NExpress requests for that branch. His past experience at the Helpdesk will be a valuable resource for Bi-Hall.
Nancy Reynolds, after graciously pitching in to help us cover shifts at Davis Family for the past year, is glad to be back “home” at Armstrong.
Todd Sturtevant now makes his permanent home at Davis Family Library where he is taking over responsibility for stacks maintenance and re-shelving.
Our pool of subs – Lexa DeCourval, Karin Gottshall, Phil Gullion, Dennis Krampetz, Janine Podraza, and Mark Procter will continue to fill in the gaps!

We are excited about all of the changes and we are all looking forward to this new chapter in our lives and the life of LIS. If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, or complaints about Circulation, please let me know. We might as well pile on a little more change while we’re at it!

Circ Equipment weeding

Greetings, all. In this time of toil and woe, we regret to inform you that Circulation has removed some equipment from our loaner pool. While we don’t doubt there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the loss of these extremely popular items, we stand firm in our conviction that these changes are necessary in this “new Norman” or whatever it’s called.

The following were laid to rest with all due process, pomp, and circumstance on the 24th of March, 2010.: Continue reading

For you to use: be your own DJ

From the archives of the LIS eNewsletter, November 2008

If you need equipment for an upcoming audio or recording project, stop by the Main, Armstrong, and Music Library Circulation Desks – we have a variety of options to choose from:

Digital Voice Recorders: Small and portable, these can be used to record a lecture, meeting, or interview; then simply plug it into a USB port on a computer to download or upload files. Lapel microphones are also available for use with these recorders for higher quality sound recording.

iPods and iTalks: You know all about iPods, but did you know they’re available to borrow from the library? And if you would like to do an audio recording on one of our iPods, or on your personal iPod, we have iTalks for that purpose as well. We also have higher memory iPods that can be used for video projects.

USB Microphones: Microphone on small stand with USB connection; great for anyone who needs to record audio.

WebCams: Perfect for webcasting and face-to-face video conferencing.

Headsets with microphones: Another option for voice recording, or for use with Skype.

Computer speakers: Plug into a PC, laptop, or iPod

Check out go/equipment for an overview of our most popular equipment, including information on reserving equipment, quick tips, links to user manuals, loan period guidelines, and MIDCAT availability.

Questions?  Please call the Main Library Circulation Desk at 443-5494.

End of paging service for on-campus borrowers

As of October 1, you’ll notice that the “place request” button in MidCat no longer displays for materials with an “available” status. Due to decreased staffing resources, Circulation Services will no longer be able to retrieve requested materials from library shelves for on-campus borrowers.
While it was a valued service for our on-campus borrowers, a large amount of staff time was used to fill the many requests, time that must now be redirected towards core borrowing services. Please continue to alert the Circulation desks to materials that you are unable to locate – we are still here to help!