Innovative Millennium maintenance update – 12/17/12

Innovative will update our library system to Millennium Release 2011 1.3. on Monday 12/17/2012 after 6pm. All college library branches and Ilsley Public Library are closed at that time. This maintenance release fixes some known issues but doesn’t add functionality.

There is no server down-time for this software update so access to MIDCAT will not be interrupted. For library staff who might be planning to work, Innovate states “Library staff may continue to work during the installation; however, staff must not post in acquisitions during the time that the update is being installed. Additionally, postpone creating large lists in the Create Lists function or performing large record loads while the update is being installed.”

Users of Millennium clients (Circ, Cat, Acq etc.) will automatically download new client software the first time they log in after the update.



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