Friday Links Roundup – October 21, 2011

RIAA et al are biggest threat to innovation – Attempts by the content industry to pass legislation like the Protect IP Act are the greatest threat to technology innovation, a senior US Senator has told delegates at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.

For iPads in the enterprise, hassles aplenty – In various talks yesterday, Gartner analysts highlighted a series of gotchas that need to be considered before jumping on the enterprise tablet bandwagon.

The Educause Center for Applied Research has just released The National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2011. The report sheds light on how information technology affects the college experience. Because of the widespread interest in and importance of this topic, ECAR has made this report publicly accessible upon release.

In Praise of Librarians – So I come to today’s digitally confused world of information from what is now a reasonably obsolete perspective. When I agreed to show up at a library meeting, I expected to be unhappy with the new digital universe and dismayed by the changes in my beloved library world. Fortunately for my psychic tranquility, the librarians are ahead of me, they are on the case, they are transforming our world of information with creativity and imagination.

One thought on “Friday Links Roundup – October 21, 2011

  1. Terry Simpkins

    Really good stuff in here, thank you! The EDUCAUSE survey contains some food for thought and it’s always nice to see librarians get some props as well! :)

    Thanks again!


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