WordPress Single Sign-On and Assigning Roles to Groups

The integration of WordPress with Banner via CAS single sign-on is a significant improvement to the platform and greatly enhances it as a viable alternative to Segue.  WordPress doesn’t do everything that Segue does, but it does provide all the functionality needed for basic course sites.  What integration with Banner does is greatly simplify adding members to blogs.  Check out screencast to see how it works.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Single Sign-On and Assigning Roles to Groups

  1. Brenda

    Nice feature and good explanation. Is there a category on the blog for tutorials? It would be nice to have such a section and also link to this explanation from the new curricular technology page.

    1. Alex Chapin Post author

      Yeh, I guess this screencast is sort of a tutorial… sort of documentation, a quick demo of new possibilities. Will definitively reuse and re-contextual on new CT site. Will probably also redo, make it shorter, more concise. Thanks for feedback.


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