Update from the Curricular Technology Team

The new Curricular Technology site will be built in Drupal using the templates to be delivered by White Whale. The site will feature largely static HTML content with descriptions of the services offered by LIS in this field, with some videos and RSS feeds to help explain the offerings. The Curricular Technology team will build out the site’s content, reusing already developed versions of these pages in several systems. Where documentation for these services already exists in the LIS Wiki, it will remain there and be linked to from the Curricular Technology site.

As there is not currently a place in the information architecture for the Middlebury web site for Curricular Technology, per se, it will be up to the LIS Website team to determine an appropriate place and confirm the location with the Curricular Technology team.

One thought on “Update from the Curricular Technology Team

  1. Alex Chapin

    This is great news. We look forward to working with Drupal and the White Whale templates. This is will be a good opportunity for us to consolidate our documentation which is currently dispersed across many different sites.


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