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After going without a computer for a week I’ve come to the conclusion that while it is fairly easy to stay away the hassle arrives when you come back. Over Spring Break I was down in Georgia with the crew team and it seemed smart to go without a computer for a week because there was going to be no Wifi anyways. Since I kept busy during the entire week and there was no shortage of people to hang out with I never found myself yearning to use the internet and thought hey going without a computer is actually really easy. Granted, I did check my email and Facebook occasionally on my blackberry.

It was only after I got back on campus that the week away from the web took its toll. Suddenly all the things I went without started to pile on top of each other and now I am left playing catch up. Life goes on without the internet, but sometimes we all forget that the internet goes on without us too. Blogs continue to get updates, news continues to run, and internet traffic goes on as usual. As I went back to my normal internet routine I realized that I would have to back track if I wanted to consume all that I had missed out on during the previous week. Whereas all that stuff is manageable over a week, the combined buildup makes it seem overwhelming. Some of it I can let go, I mean I can move forward without checking the dozens of new pages updated on Perez Hilton. However, I still need to go back and catch up on all of the TV that I’ve missed over the week, which altogether is a disgusting amount, if I want to stay up to date, which obviously I do. Not to mention the fact that classes have started up again and now it would be impossible to go without the internet in some capacity or another. Our everyday lives we are completely dependent on technology and here’s a little advice from my week without it: to save yourself the stress of the aftermath, try not to go extended amounts of time without it cold turkey, if you find that you are wasting way too much time simply moderate yourself, it’s the only solution because somewhere down the line a task that requires technology will come up.

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