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Final Portfolio

Below are the projects that I worked on over the course of the semester and the final project that was the accumulation of all that we had learned over the course of the semester:

The paper project:

To highlight the differences between paper and digital technology Mark and I decided to make a paper version of Facebook, basically an example of how people used actual message boards before the internet existed. We wanted to show the limitations of paper in terms of space, longevity, and permanence. For example, a paper version of anything is limited in the fact that what you can do is limited by the space of the paper, once the paper is destroyed so is the information that is on it, and when you make a mistake often times there is no choice but to start over on a new sheet.


The podcast project: 

To highlight the way that sound technology is different from other platforms we decided to record a music track using auto tune. By distorting the actual voices into a different one, we were able to show how anyone can be a recording star in this modern age. While the auto tune that we used is not a very extreme one, the message remains the same. The podcast itself also delves deeper into the reasons for why we chose our concept.

Remix video:

A remix video by definition takes images from one context and mashes them into another completely different one. Following along these lines Hunter and I decided to take footage from public service announcements against drunk driving and rearrange them into a commercial that encourages it. By showing how easy it is to take something out of context and create a whole other message we showed why remix videos are so popular today; it is because anyone can do them.

Gaming video:

In our gaming video Patti and I did a mash up video that combined NCAA Football game footage with real life footage. By making a montage out of the footage and setting it to a backdrop of a pump up song we wanted to highlight the incredible realism of the game. With the excitement of all of these components we wanted to capture the excitement of the video game that avid players see every day and express why people find such video games so appealing. By capturing the spirit of a real life football game and interjecting it into the video game, we hoped to show that video game play can be just as exciting as the real thing.

Final project:
Project Website

Throughout this course I felt as though I participated in every aspect of this class. I was a constant contributor to class discussions and kept up steadily with the blogging. I must admit that I did not utilize Twitter as much as I could have, but I did tweet articles that I thought were pertinent to the subjects that we were discussing in class at the time. As far as the projects are concerned I thought that each project succeeded in portraying an idea and message. I am especially proud of the final project, which I think is a good summary of all of the concepts that were discussed during the course of the semester. The final project itself explains all of the ideas and messages that we wished to express, so please explore all the different components of the website.

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