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Convergence Culture

I personally am a supporter of convergence, user interaction, and reading spoilers. In this day and age media convergence simply opens up many new levels of for the spectator to consume, so why not enjoy it. After all what Jenkins said is true, for the 20 million people that watch survivor¬† only about 50,000 of them are on the online message boards, and even fewer of them are active. Most importantly the amount of user interaction depends on you the user, so I don’t understand why people criticise those who choose to look for and post spoilers online. At the end of the day if you are against it, then don’t read them, we can all turn off our computers to watch an hour of television.

While it is also annoying that new media has adopted a cross media platform type of storytelling, this too can be circumvented. In fact, this is made possible by convergence. For example, if you missed the whole Matrix phenomenon and want to catch up, you can do so much more quickly today then you could have when the films first came out. Now, you don’t have to buy the video games, read the comics, and etc. to fill in the gaps of the matrix story. Today, all you have to do is go to your local search engine to find the missing plot points of the films. Convergence culture, may not be for everybody but I think the point is that it makes it so much more worthwhile for those uberfans that want to be that much more involved in their favorite shows/films.

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