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Introduce yourselves & chat amongst yourselves. Be respectful of course, but other than that, here’s where you can talk about whatever interests you, whether it’s related to class topics or not. Feel free to check in here to look for fellow students to read through drafts and feedback as well.

7 thoughts on “Forum: OT (off topic)

    1. Avery Rain

      I’m working my way through the first season of Big Love for my final paper…only slightly impeded by the Megavideo time limit. Liking it so far, and trying not to mentally form too many paper subsections until I finish the first season and can look at it more globally.

      Watched Love Actually last night with the family (a Thanksgiving tradition)–my mother commented that it was all the women who were saying “I’m yours” to the men in each of the mini-stories. Sister was quick to provide counter-examples, but I still thought it was interesting that she pointed that out.

      1. Eleanor Krause

        Tonight we watched “Meet Me in St. Louis” for the first time. I definitely saw the women masquerading to gain power over the men, an endeavor that proved to be successful. In the end Esther (the female lead) even states that her sister’s fiancee is “like a puppet” thanks to her sister’s attractiveness and previous actions towards him.

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