Problem set 2

This three-part pass-fail problem set is due on Friday, October 14th at 5PM – my office (Hillcrest 214)

Part 1

In one-to-two pages, describe your research project for this class, as introduced here. Your description should include most of the following:

  • Your proposed research question, if you have chosen option 1 (e.g., a research paper); the problem you propose to help solve, if you have chosen option 2 or 3.
  • What you hope to achieve.
  • Whom you will work with (in the case of options 2 and 3.)  This includes your fellow class members as well as your community partner, if applicable.
  • Your method of inquiry.  How will you go about learning what you need to address your research question or to help solve your problem?
  • What do you perceive now as your biggest obstacles to achieving your goal for this project?  How will you allocate your time to complete it by the end of Middlebury’s exam period?
  • How can I help?  That is, what role can I, as professor of this class, play to help you write an outstanding report or create an outstanding project.

Part II

1.  Goodstein, Application 5.1

2.  Goodstein, Application 6.1

3.  Goodstein, Application 6.3

4.  Goodstein, Application 7.0

 Part III

Based on our reading material and our discussion with Jason Scorse, what precisely is it that should be ‘optimized’ through environmental-economics public policy?  Net benefits?  NNP?  Happiness?  Something else? Have fun with this answer, and don’t be afraid to dig deep into your own experiences as to what really matters in life.


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