Don’t Write Alone–Join the CTLR for a Write-In

You don’t have to write alone.

Please come for even a brief time to support the Writing Center, have snacks, win prizes, and write!

Wednesday, December 6 from 8-11 PM
at various locations (see list below under “How will this work?”)

The Writing Center at Middlebury College will join over 110 other colleges and universities from around the globe in sponsoring a Write-In between the weeks of 11/29-12/12. The Write-In fosters a writing community by setting aside time and space for students to write together. See: for more information about this international initiative.

Why come to a Write-In?
Writing can be lonely, solitary work. Joining a group of other student writers can be motivating, productive, and calming.

How will this work?
Come to Davis Family Library 201 or to the Anderson Freeman Center any time between 8-11 PM. Stay from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
· Sign in to receive prizes
· If you want, we’ll give you a pen and a pad.
· Have some tasty snacks (hot chocolate, lamb kabobs, chicken crostini, cheese and crackers, lemon squares, rice krispie treats, and more!)
· You are welcome to stay in Lib 201 or in the AFC, or go to one of our two reserved quiet spaces: DFL 225D or DFL 230 (from 9:00 p.m.).
· A Peer Writing Tutor or a Research Librarian will be available to meet in DFL 201 or the AFC. Additional Writing Tutors will be available in DFL 225 (7:30-midnight) and in Ross 391 (9:00-11:00).

What kind of writing should I do?
· Academic writing (Start your end of the semester papers this week!) (We’ll provide some research tips.)
· Personal writing (No idea where to start? We’ll provide some writing prompts.)
· Brainstorm writing for fellowships, internships, and job applications (We have a handy worksheet to get you started.)

Who is making this great event happen?
· Middlebury College Writing Center
· Middlebury College Writing Program
· Middlebury College Center for Teaching, Learning & Research
· Middlebury College Davis Family Library
· Middlebury College Anderson Freeman Center

For more information on the Writing Center or organizing write-ins contact:

Mary Ellen Bertolini
Writing Center Director & Senior Lecturer, Writing
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research
Davis Family Library 225E
Middlebury College

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