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March 5, 2013
by Natalie Valentin


Hey spinners, electricity-lovers and new friends! Welcome to YouPower Spring 2013!

This semester, YouPower has Open Hours for all students, faculty and staff Monday-Thursday from 3-6 pm and Fridays 2-5pm. Just show up and spin!

We are happy to once again present a mix of our wildly popular student-led spin classes as well! Check out the full schedule on our “hours” tab or GO/YPSCHEDULE

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then e-mail immediately and have your questions answered!


Love, the YP team

November 11, 2012
by Natalie Valentin


YouPower will be hosting Middlebury’s second ever Watt-A-Thon on Friday, Nov 16th from 3-5pm! Bring a team of up to 10 friends and compete to produce the most energy in two hours. Top three teams get get pie from the Middlebury Co-Op and a great story to tell the relatives around the Thanksgiving table. Prizes for best costume, most team spirit and best team name too…

Join us in the YouPower Spin Room in FIC for DJed music, energy and prizes!

go/wattathon to sign up your team!!!

September 23, 2012
by Natalie Valentin

Welcome Back!!!

It’s finally that time again! Middlebury’s YouPower Spin Room is open and ready for you to get those legs pumping!!!

For those of you new to YouPower, we are a student organization on campus that organizes the spinning room located in FIC (the freeman international center). Every week we offer open hours, as well as AWESOME spinning classes taught by student instructors. And the best part?? Every time you spin those wheels you’re generating electricity that goes directly into the Middlebury grid! Every bike is hooked up to a generator and display that shows you how many watts you’re generating as you bike. So you get to tone your bunz, have some funz, AND be part of sustainability on campus!

This will be your hub for all YouPower news, weekly schedules, and updates on awesome upcoming events. If you’re interested in being an instructor, being part of the YouPower team, or just want some more info, email

Check out this week’s schedule on the hours page!

Directions to the room: walk up the stairs to the roof of FIC, as if you’re going to the bunker. keep going all the way to the back. then keep going some more. keep going until you see the concrete staircase on your left. go down the stairs and behold the wonderful YouPower room itself!!!

Much love from the YP squad-Nora, Paul and Natalie

April 30, 2012
by Astrid Schanz-Garbassi


Today, Monday April 30th, is a very very special day … the day that we finally pulled YouPower from the uterus of our imaginations into the REAL WORLD!

11 bikes were assembled, generators attached, and inverter box installed.  We started at 8 am, letting famine nor thirst nor the presence of a 3-foot snake named Esther stop us.  We worked all the way until 5pm, when we rewarded ourselves with a spin class led by the wonderful Emily Knapp!

Huge thanks to Nathan LaBarba, Paul Hildebrand, Connie Sanabria and Hannah Newman for coming by and helping us set up bikes!

April 26, 2012
by Natalie Valentin

A what-a-thon? No silly, Watt-a-thon!


When?? Friday, May 4th, 2-6pm.


What?? Midd’s first ever WATT-A-THON!  Teams of up to 10 are invited to claim one of our energy-producing bikes and compete to produce as much energy as possible in four hours! *see rules and how to sign up below*

Who?? You and all your besties, teammates, crushes (past and present), the kid from your high school visiting that weekend, the most competitive athletes you can find… ANYONE.

Where?? FIC GROTTO!  It’s right next to the bunker, and you can get there by walking across the whole concrete pavilion, passing all of the doors (don’t try to go to the bunker…though I know you’re inner freshman is drawn to it) and taking the outdoor stairs at the very back. They’ll spit you out right where all the action is! 

Why?? To produce and learn about energy, hang out with frandz, win $$ to flat bread, tone your buns and have some funs!!!

What’s in it for you, you may ask?  A killer work out, free swag for all participants (neon shades anyone?), free samples of vitacoco (coconut water) and coffee-fruit-power-drink (not sure what that is but we’re getting some!), and a chance to see the bunker during the daytime hours.  WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!?

How to sign up: e-mail with your team name and potential roster (no penalty if not all team members participate/show) by MIDNIGHT THURSDAY, MAY 3RD.  Only the first 11 teams can participate, so chop-chop!  Feel free to respond with any questions, comments, concerns, requests for musickkk or offers to DJ 🙂

April 18, 2012
by Natalie Valentin

Let’s get fired up…fired up for SPINNING!

The Bikes have been ordered! The mural is finished! There’s pecan pie in proctor! What does all of this mean!? It’s a beautiful day for YouPower!

With the semester winding down, finals coming up and the thought of saying goodbye to our beloved Midd for the summer on the horizon, YouPower’s got loads of stuff for you to get pumped up about! Courtesy of  The Green Revolution our 11 new bikes will be here by the end of the month! Check out their website to learn more!

 Stay tuned for all sorts of awesome programming like our SGA sponsored kick-off bonanza with student bands and good company galore and the first-annual Middlebury Watt-a-thon!

What can I say Middlebury. Winter may not be coming, but YouPower is!

March 6, 2012
by Natalie Valentin

…and so it begins

Mural painting has begun! Come join us to get artsy, get messy, or just jam out to some bumpin’ tunes (courtesy of Big Paul’s new speaker set) with the coolest kids on campus! No painting experience or skill whatsoever required…just your smiling faces.

check out what we have so far!

caught in the act!

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